How to use the Gemini chatbot in Chrome

How to use the Gemini chatbot in Chrome

Google Gemini is the Mountain View company’s chatbot created in the DeepMind laboratories, the most direct response to ChatGPT (OpenAI). The new platform is based on multimodal artificial intelligence, on a set of generative models trained on images, videos, audio and texts. Gemini takes the place of Bard, that sketch of digital assistant which the company led by Sundar Pichai seemed to have released a bit hastily. And now it runs fast, with Gemini 1.5 already ready.

So far the chatbot from Google had not yet appeared in the Chrome browser. In this regard, we remind you that Microsoft widely uses the technology “inherited” from OpenAI on its Edge and in its other software products.

How to talk to the Google Gemini chatbot from the Chrome browser

There’s not much time left untilintegration of the Gemini chatbot in the Chrome browser. Users of release 123 preview (channel Chrome Canary) can in fact now communicate with Google’s generative model directly from the Web browser interface.

At the moment Gemini is still hidden in the folds of the Web browser but using a special one Chrome flag it is possible to request its activation in just one instant.

In fact, just type chrome://flags/#omnibox-starter-pack-expansion in the address bar, click on Enabled the setting Expansion pack for the Site search starter pack then click on the blue button Relaunch bottom right.

Enable Gemini chatbot in Google Chrome

Invoke Gemini from the address bar

Il “supertrucco” that we present to you and which allows you to activate Gemini from the Chrome addresses consists of simply writing, @gemini and press the button Tab. At the top of the Chrome bar, you’ll see it appear right away Chat with Gemini: This means that the chatbot is ready to start a conversation with the user and respond by providing output in line with the request, as well as relevant and reasoned answers.

Chrome Gemini chat address bar

Google technicians are distributing the news right now. It is therefore possible that the request sent through the address bar is not activated in the same way for all users. As always happens with the introduction of new features, the enabling of the Gemini chatbot in Chrome could materialize progressively, involving an increasingly larger user base.

Il @ symbol on keyboard, however, if typed in the toolbar, it not only allows you to access the Gemini chatbot but already today allows you to interact with the contents of your history, favorites and open tabs. Just type @cronologia, @preferiti, @schede followed by pressing the button Tabas explained in the article on how to search the history and other areas of the browser.

The simple press of a button @ in the address bar gives you the opportunity to check the list of search alternatives available in the Google browser.

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