How to use the most precise and accurate AI (GPT-4 Turbo)

Artificial intelligence is increasingly precise but to use it for free it is necessary to use some dedicated services

GPT-4 Turbo

Those who have so far only used ChatGPT to generate text do not know that it is possible to obtain much more precise answers, completely similar to human language, using the evolution of the synthesis engine used so far by free engines: GPT-4 Turbothe maximum evolution of language generators.

What many don’t know is that this type of AI can also be tried for freechoosing services that provide GPT-4 without login or at most with access via quick account (Google, Microsoft or Apple).

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1) Microsoft Copilot

The first artificial intelligence system based on GPT-4 Turbo is Microsoft Copilotnow included on a permanent basis both on Windows 11 and on other Microsoft products.

To try it immediately we can use the Copilot official website and immediately start using the AI ‚Äč‚Äčengine without limits and without login. If you log in with a Microsoft account, you can use the enhanced AI prompt for even more precise questions and requests.

To achieve an unrivaled level of precision we can also activate the setting More precisewhile to create images we can use Other Creative.

Microsoft Copilot can be added as an app for Android e iPhonecan be used within the Microsoft SwiftKey keyboard (for Android e iPhone) and also on the browser Microsoft Edgeavailable on any modern platform.

In another article we can read how to activate Copilot in Windows 11 in Italian.

2) Merlin

Another valid tool for using GPT-4 on your computer is Merlinan extension that can be integrated directly into the Google Chrome browser.

After installing it, press the addon icon at the top and quickly log in with your Google account, so as not to have to create a new dedicated account. Once logged in, we open the extension again and enter any type of request, so as to properly exploit the new artificial intelligence.

3) Perplexity

Among the best sites to immediately use a more precise and accurate AI is Perplexityusable immediately even without login.

Being based on GPT-4 Turbo it allows you to receive quick responses (even in Italian) in an intuitive way, without installing any app and without having to install a browser extension (it also works very well with browsers available on mobile devices).

In terms of practicality, it is also superior to the free ChatGPT, but to make the most of it we always recommend logging in to the site by pressing the button Sign Up and by quickly registering with your Google account or Apple account, choosing based on the device you use.

4) Google Gemini

The latest artificial intelligence that we can try with the GPT-4 model is Google Geminiaccessible for free after logging in with a Google account.

Gemini’s AI engine presents itself as the right compromise between the capabilities seen from Copilot and the versatility of ChatGPT, thus managing to combine the advantages of both in one place. After logging in, just type in the field provided to immediately start properly exploiting the new version of the synthesis engine created by Google.


The new GPT-4 Turbo-based AI engines are significantly more precise than previous synthesis models, generating much more realistic and natural text than ChatGPT free and to the engines seen up to this moment. All the sites and tools recommended above are free and in many cases can be used even without having to log in (with some inevitable limitations).

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