Google Maps For many users, Google Maps is the reference GPS navigator on both Android and iPhone smartphones, but using it while driving is very dangerous for themselves and for other road users: in most cases we will always have to pull over to change a option or to launch an itinerary change.
To avoid making a stop every time and immediately change the settings of Maps while driving we can rely on the Google Assistant, integrated within the Maps app and always ready for use.
In this guide we will show you how to use voice commands on Google Maps to get new routes, to get the route to the points of interest or to do anything else on the phone without ever taking your hands off the wheel.

Voice commands on Google Maps

In the following chapters we will discover how to activate Google Assistant (so as to have it ready for use immediately), how to install Maps on our mobile phone (in case we have not already done so) and finally we will show you all the voice commands that you can launch while Google Maps is active on the screen.

Activate Google Assistant

To activate Google Assistant on Android smartphones, we must first update the Google app, open the app of the same name on the phone, press the menu on the bottom right Other, then on Settings, press on item and finally on the menu Voice Match.
Android assistant

In the screen that will open make sure that both the items Hey Gogole and While driving are activated, so that we can use the voice commands while we use Google Maps. If we want to launch the voice commands only with our voice we press on the same screen Set up voice model or Reset voice model and we follow the wizard, so as to train the Google Assistant to recognize only our voice.

To activate Google Assistant on iPhone we first download the Google app on the iPhone, open the aforementioned app, press the lower right corner on the menu Other, select the menu Settings, press on Voice and activate all the switches on the screen.
IPhone assistant

From now on, we can also use the Google Assistant on the iPhone instead of the Siri assistant, as already seen in the guide How to replace Siri on iPhone with a new voice assistant.

Install and use Google Maps

After fixing the Google Assistant, it's time to open the Google Maps app and start browsing. If we have never opened this app before, it is better to check if it is correctly updated on our device, using the download links available for Android and for iPhone.
Maps navigation

Once the app is open we use the search bar at the top to search for the destination, then press on Directions and then on Starts to open the GPS navigator integrated within the app.
Are we new to the world of technology and have we never used Maps as a navigator? In this case we can read our article immediately Complete guide to Google Maps.

Voice commands for Maps

After setting the destination and traveling with the car, we never touch the phone again while driving: this behavior is extremely dangerous, since just a second of distraction is enough to cause fatal accidents.
From now on we can use the voice commands of the Google Assistant within Google Maps to control most of the navigator functions, as well as obtain functionality from other apps on the phone.
The voice commands that we can use directly inside the navigator are:

  • What's the next turn? "Or" Next step "
  • "How far is it to go?"
  • "How's the traffic?" or "How's the traffic going home?"
  • "Show traffic" or "Hide traffic"
  • "Show satellite view" or "Hide satellite view"
  • "Avoid tolls" or "Allow tolls"
  • "Mute the voice guidance audio" or "Mute the voice guidance audio"
  • "Reposition"
  • "Show list of directions"
  • "Avoid highways" or "Allow highways"
  • "What is my destination?" or "How far is my destination?"
  • "Exit the navigator"
  • "Where I am?"
  • "How much is missing?"
  • "Guide"
  • "What road is this?"
  • "Show an overview of the route" or "Show alternative routes"

If, on the other hand, we have opened Maps but we have not set any destination, we can also do it on the move using only voice commands, such as those visible below:

  • "Service stations nearby"
  • "When does it close (place name)?"
  • "Restaurants / Bars / Hotels nearby"
  • "Guide to (Place name)"
  • "Drive to the nearest point of interest"
  • "Drive to the nearest beach"
  • "Drive home"
  • "Drive to work"

While using Google Maps we can call the services of other apps, without leaving the navigation system; to perform other useful tasks while using Google Maps, just use the voice commands shown below:

  • "Call (contact name)"
  • "Send an SMS to (contact name)" or "Send an SMS to (contact name)"
  • "I'm feeling lucky"
  • "What is the weather like?" or "What is the weather like in Rome?
  • "Put on some jazz" or "Stop the song"
  • "When's the next date?"

To learn more about the use of other apps and services while using Google Maps we can read our guide Check the Music in Google Maps on the navigator.


With the voice commands seen above, we can use Google Maps without ever taking our hands off the wheel in complete safety, since the vast majority of the navigator functions can be activated (or deactivated) even with the help of our voice.

If we have a modern car with support for Android Auto, integration with Maps is even more effective, as also seen in our guide Guide to set up Android Auto in the car.
If our car does not have support for Android Auto, we can integrate voice assistants by following our guide How to use Alexa or Google Assistant in the car.


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