How to use WhatsApp on PC and Mac

whatsapp pc How many times we have been receiving messages on WhatsApp while we were at work and not being able to respond immediately, given that it is not allowed to use the phone and distract us from our monitor.
Luckily WhatsApp can also be managed from the PC, just use the WhatsApp Web page as a real separate application and associate the account, so you can receive and reply to messages without even unlocking the phone screen.
Let’s see in this guide how to best use WhatsApp from PC and Mac through the official app is like create a dedicated app starting from the WhatsApp Web site and using Google Chrome as a browser; using one of the proposed methods we will be able to open WhatsApp without interfering with the others to use to work, effectively transforming WhatsApp into an online computer program.

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1) Official WhatsApp App
WhatsApp App

The official WhatsApp app has been available for a while now, freely downloadable from here -> WhatsApp App.
The site will allow you to download the 64-bit version compatible with all Windows versions (from 7 to 10), plus you can also load the Mac version.
If we have a 32-bit operating system, just click on the item 32-bit version to download the appropriate version
On Windows 10 we can also download the official WhatsApp app from Microsoft Store, practically the same but immediately compatible with any architecture and version.
Once installed on our system, let’s start it and prepare to make the association using the QR code (which we will explain in a later chapter of this guide, since the procedure is identical to any method we intend to use).
This app offers a few more buttons than WhatsApp Web, just check the top left menu.
In this regard, we advise you to read our official WhatsApp app guide, where we will find very useful information on the use of this program.

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2) Custom app via Chrome

If we don’t want to use the official app, we can create our app using an interesting feature of Google Chrome.
Once installed on the system, take us to the page WhatsApp Web, looking for it in the address bar or the link that we have inserted here above; the association page will appear with QR code, as also seen in the app.
Before making any association, we click on the menu with the three dots in the upper right corner and take us on the path Other tools -> Create shortcut, therefore we confirm the name of the shortcut (we can also use a simple “Whatsapp“).
Type in the address bar chrome: // apps, so let’s right-click on the WhatsApp icon we’ve just created.
As the last configuration, let’s make sure that the checkmark appears on the item Open as a window, so that from now on this page opens in a Chrome window without any additional details (bars, buttons, menus, etc.) as if it were a real app.
Chrome window

We check on the desktop if the WhatsApp icon is present and start it up: we will immediately notice the difference compared to the other Chrome windows, it will seem to have something to do with the real app of WhatsApp on PC with all the most important functions: receiving notifications (from the settings by pressing the button with three dots on the top left), sending files and photos from the PC (by pressing the paperclip button), sending voice messages from the PC (by pressing the microphone) and then also the large display of the received photos and the saving of the images on PC.
We just have to see now how to correctly make the chat association between phone and PC.

3) Associate WhatsApp between phone and PC

Unfortunately, WhatsApp is not able to run autonomously on the PC and on the Mac without the phone app being started and connected to the Internet.
So first of all (if we don’t have a WhatsApp account yet), we install the app on our Android or iOS smartphone from here -> WhatsApp (Android) and WhatsApp (iOS).

Once installed we insert the phone number with which to create the account and proceed to the main screen of the app.
Now we will have to make sure that the phone is connected to the Internet (via Wi-Fi or 4G, it is the same) so that we can open the official app or app created by us using Google Chrome.
From this page we will see a QR code appear, to be scanned with the phone’s WhatsApp app.
QR WhatsApp

As soon as the code is displayed, we open the app and take it to Menu or in Settings and click on the WhatsApp Web.
The rear camera of the phone will start immediately, with which to frame the code displayed on the PC screen; if we want to keep the association just keep the check mark on the item Stay connected, especially if the PC is used only by us; if we are on a shared location, it is advisable not to tick this item to prevent someone from reading our chats while we are away from the computer.
In a few seconds, the association will be confirmed and we will see the WhatsApp interface appear, so we can respond to chats and send messages directly from the phone keypad.
Both the apps we showed you offer emoji support, emoticons, and GIFs, with the ability to receive real-time notifications in the lower right corner.
From the phone, we will see a notification of the use of WhatsApp Web, so as to immediately realize the actual connection.

Once connected, it is possible to open Whatsapp via the website on PC and also configures it to receive notifications on the PC desktop.
Furthermore, it is also possible to install extensions to improve the Whatsapp chat on Chrome.

4) App limits

This service only works if the associated WhatsApp app is present on the phone and it is correctly connected to the Internet: without the WhatsApp app on the phone and without connection, it will not be possible to use the app from the PC (they interface directly, so they depend on one from the other).
Unfortunately, this is the only limit of the app, linked to a commercial choice of Facebook (owner of WhatsApp).
If we want to use chat service that does not depend exclusively on the phone, we recommend taking a look at Telegram, as explained in the comparison between Telegram and Whatsapp.

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As an alternative to all this or in addition, it is possible to use the app of Pushbullet to receive notifications from Whatsapp on PC is the reply to messages quickly from the notification itself.
Pushbullet is an app to be installed for free on the Android smartphone, whatever it is, which interfaces, via the wifi or data network connection, with the Chrome extension on the computer.
Once logged in with a Google account or a Facebook account, both from a PC and a mobile phone, the connection is established and all the notifications that appear on the phone will also be displayed on the computer screen.
For some notifications such as the SMS and messages received in Whatsapp, under the notification of Pushbullet on PC, a button also appears to respond directly and quickly, without having to use the phone and without interrupting what we are doing.


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