How Volar works, the dating app that uses an AI chatbot

Finding love or meeting people who are pleasant to spend time with can be difficult, especially in a world where everything runs fast and you have little time to dedicate to yourself and others. Artificial Intelligence comes to our aid which, thanks to an application for online dating, helps web users find potential partners and overcome the embarrassment of the first contact. The app is called Volar and, thanks to its peculiarity, it is already enjoying great success.

Let’s find out how Volar works and how it can help people find great love by overcoming the difficulties of the first approaches with artificial intelligence.

Volar, the app with an AI chatbot that helps members find love

The first few conversations with a potential match can be difficult and sometimes boring or frustrating. Volar, a dating app, has thought of this help its subscribers by implementing a chatbot based onartificial intelligence able to explain to the potential partner what the user is looking for, what his passions are and what he does in life, through realistic and credible conversations.

Its operation is simple, but extremely innovative. The user who registers with Volar can message with a chatbot which will collect important and necessary information to encourage positive meetings. These include not only preferences regarding sex, age, personality and physicality, but also the way of speaking and expressing oneself.

At a later stage, a second chatbot is createdwhich seeks to reproduce the user’s way of doing and speaking and which takes into account your interests and preferences. This chatbot will try to organize and manage appointments with other users’ bots, trying to make the perfect match.

The two bots then start talking to each other, saving the two possible partners the difficulties of having to break the ice and an initial approach.

Volar, what happens after the bot interaction and who can use the application

After the first interactions between the bots representing the two users, the latter can have access to the conversations. After reading the message exchange and seeing the photo of the other interested person, they can decide whether to interact in reality or whether to end without ever actually speaking to each other.

Volar is currently only available for users connecting from the United Statesd’America and is only compatible with mobile devices supported by the iOS operating system. Alternatively, you can connect from desktop.

It’s impossible to know whether the company plans to bring the app to other parts of the world. Volar, however, clearly represents how artificial intelligence could be introduced in the future revolutionize apps dating online and facilitate meetings between compatible people.

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