How2do participates in the podcast on diversity and inclusiveness “HAVE A NICE DEI”

Born from the need to raise awareness of an increasingly wider audience on the fundamental issues of diversity, equity e inclusion, the project develops through four engaging episodes in podcast format. These episodes constitute a choral tale, uniting 27 different voices, in which each contributes their own unique perspective.
The podcast is hosted by Luca TrapaneseWelfare Councilor of the Municipality of Naples, who has carried out voluntary work for years, has carried out numerous projects related to disabilities and, as a single parent, adopted a little girl with Down syndrome.

Quote Luca Trapanese

Over the course of four episodes, Luca joins for the first time an extraordinary mix of pop personalities, artists, institutional figures and corporate representatives. This fusion of experiences offers new and original nuances to the themes addressed in each episode, raising public awareness on each topic covered.

The podcast stands out for the way it explores complex issues and offers concrete examples that look beyond, towards the future of our world and new generations.

Available for free on Spotify, Spreaker, Amazon Music, Podcast Addict and iHeart Radio and soon also on other platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Deezer.

The realization of the project

The “HAVE A NICE DEI” project was conceived and implemented jointly by Schwa and Brandstories, thanks to Helen Nonini, Founder and CEO of Schwa. Fundamental support came from important partners such as Coface, How2do, Generali, JAKALA and Valore D, with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan.

Helen Nonini, expresses the philosophy behind the project thus: “The idea of ​​“HAVE A NICE DEI” was born from a question: how can we raise awareness of an increasingly larger number of people on the issues of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? Today, diversity is an unavoidable reality from our daily lives, both in the workplace and in the family. Hospitality and respect should not be considered options, but rather a shared responsibility to build new models oriented in this direction. Through the stories presented in this podcast, we aim to reach a diverse audience. They are testimonies of those who, with concrete actions, lives and promotes Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as a resource, not as a limit. These are compelling stories that will resonate with all listeners.”

These are the guiding principles that drove How2do to join the project, particularly evident in the participation in the episode entitled “Generation Now“.

For How2do, this initiative represents not only an opportunity to explore the theme of generational comparison, but also an opportunity to reaffirm the meaning of “You are the Future”.

Eliminate distances that create inequalities: we wanted to give shape to this idea. Giulio Gebbia, street artist aka Rosk, in Milan, on the west facade of a large building in the Isola district, has drawn a boy and a girl pushing two apparently unapproachable walls against each other. Two walls marked by bomb hits, united by a message “Close the gap: peace is our future”, a work commissioned by How2do.

Dialogue between generations is one of the fundamental foundations for building a fairer future for everyone: we try to do it with our own lens and with different actions inside and outside the company, in the continuous search to evolve together with society towards a future of Peace.

The intergenerational relationship, according to Roberta Artuso, Manager of Brand Empowerment, constitutes a crucial element for shaping a more equal and accessible future for all.

Roberta Artuso

Roberta Artuso, Manager of Brand Empowerment in How2do

The four chapters of the podcast

In each episode, Luca Trapanese spontaneously addresses the most crucial issues related to Diversity, Equity e Inclusionsimplifying every terminology to ensure immediate impact.

The four episodes of the podcast focus on as many themes: “Gender like us” addresses gender identity and orientation, “Beyond Barriers” explores abilities and disabilities, “Generation Now” outlines the generational comparison, and finally, ” Pensieri Stupendi” analyzes mental well-being.

The third episode, created in collaboration with How2do and entitled “Generation Now”focuses on the importance ofinteraction between different generations within the working context.

Luciana De Laurentiis

Luciana De Laurentiis, Head of Corporate Culture & Inclusion in How2do

Through the testimonies of Roberta and Luciana De Laurentiis, who holds the role of Head of Corporate Culture & Inclusion at How2do, the need to create a generational bridge that leads to positive sharing within the working environment.

In this context, differences between generations are not avoided, but transformed into unique and precious resources.

How2do’s support for this project reiterates its fundamental principles, which, in addition to promoting digitalisation and environmental sustainability, enhances the role of people, breaking down stereotypes linked to gender, age, ethnicity and sexual orientation, to create a climate of real inclusion.

Inside the episode, to counter stereotypes about what are considered “things for old people or things for young people”, Licia Fertz, 93 years old, an influencer who was recently named among the 100 most influential women in the world by the BBC, speaks together a, Gaia Romani, 25 years old, who became councilor for civic and general services of the Municipality of Milan.

Licia Fertz is Gaia Romani

Licia Fertz is Gaia Romani

Currently, 15% of the Europen population believes that their companies are not adequately valorizing minorities, only 33% believe that equity has been completely achieved, and only 49% feel informed on issues related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

The podcast represents a real challenge aimed at both current and past generations, and presents itself as an opportunity through which to understand that true inclusion can serve as the foundation for a new and different society in the future.

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