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How2doAI, the potential of artificial intelligence to become a How2do customer

The world of customer assistant it changes rapidly and new user needs must be followed by increasingly efficient responses from companies.

In this sense, it is clear that the main tool to satisfy these needs is artificial intelligence and its incredible potential which, already today, represents an effective solution for unknowns of this type.

And this is why How2do is about to throw How2doAIthe proprietary artificial intelligence developed by the company to help users discover the offers available and to choose the one best suited to their every need.

What is How2doAI


How2doAI is the virtual assistant developed to bring the potential of artificial intelligence on the official How2do website and help customers orient yourself among the many offers available, providing them with all the help they need.

The chatbot chosen to implement and train this new functionality is ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo one of more stable releases it’s more efficient of the software OpenAI which, moreover, has been the case for some time now available in Europen and is capable of communicate effectively with users.

Despite this starting point, however, the work of the How2do developers was long and meticulous and the team tried to refine your potential to the maximum of the system, developing new solutions to consistently respond to user requests, even in the case of particularly complex or detailed questions.

How2doAI will be present on the homepage of How2do.it and will be ready to provide targeted responses to all people who visit the site with the intention of become new customers of the company.

Of course the chatbot for the commercial offer it is only the first step that between now and the next few months will lead to the complete evolution of the platform with an AI system capable of providing 360° customer support and will be able to respond promptly to any type of request from users and, above all, will be available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Furthermore, in parallel with the customer support tool, How2do is also developing the corresponding software a support from customer care operatorsto support them in carrying out their tasks and to provide them with all the tools to work better.

How How2doAI works

From the “Click day” of November 8th, How2doAI is available on the company’s official website and its users interested in the commercial offer they will be able to ask the virtual assistant questions about the various promotions available.

The interface it is very intuitivewill be very similar to a classic chat and will guarantee a user experience close to ChatGPT, with the difference that this AI can only respond to questions relating to How2do offers.

Important to underline that, at the moment, this tool has exclusively informative functions and to sign up for any offers you will need to use traditional channels.

The appointment, therefore, is next November 8th when it will be possible to try all the potential of How2doAI and actively participate in the company’s evolution path in terms of artificial intelligence e customer assistant.


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