Huawei and Vivo smartphones report Google apps as TrojanSMS-PA

Some users are reporting smartphones and tablets from brands like Huawei, Honor e Vivo are showing warnings of “security threat” quite unusual.

Apparently, in fact, those who ended up under the magnifying glass would be none other than the app Google which, according to detection tools, are considered to be malware known as TrojanSMS-PA.

The alert message, a sensational false positive, warns users that “Immediate uninstallation is recommended“, with the apps involved considered to be high risk. The tool also offers additional information about the alleged malware, detailing how this is dangerous as it can send secretly SMS messages from the device.

This problem has been reported by many users on Google support forumbut also up Redditsui forum Huawei and in other communities across the universe Android.

Google’s comment regarding the reporting of a TrojanSMS-PA in its apps

In this regard, Google released an official statement through a spokesperson. The note reads as follows:

This security notification was not triggered by Google Play Protect and appears to come from a device that is not Play Protect certified and does not have access to officially download core Google apps from Play. We recommend that you contact your device manufacturer for more information. Google Play is the only app store where you can officially download Google’s core apps for Android. All Google apps undergo the same rigorous testing as all other apps on Google Play. These tests are designed to ensure that apps are safe, secure, and meet Google quality standards“.

BleepingComputer confirmed that these alerts are displayed by the app Huawei Optimizer on Huawei devices. However, it is unclear which apps show the alerts for Vivo or Honor phones.

In any case, it is best to consider this as a more than likely false positive and, in most cases, the advice is to ignore the warning.



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