Huawei, with HarmonyOS Next farewell to app support for Android

Huawei, with HarmonyOS Next farewell to app support for Android

The relationship between Huawei and Google isn’t particularly idyllic. In fact, as many will remember, after the ban on 2019 announced by the Trump administration, Big G has completely ceased relations with the Chinese company making services such as the Play Store unusable on the latter’s devices.

Well, it looks like Huawei is preparing to give up Android apps completely with the launch of the new version of HarmonyOS.

With HarmonyOS, Huawei looks to the future: the company is ready to leave Android apps behind

Before the 2019 US ban, Huawei was one of the largest Android smartphone manufacturers globally (with excellent results also in Europe, especially in the mid-market segment). The situation then changed drastically: not being able to offer more devices with the Play Store led to a significant drop in sales and forced the company to quickly look for an alternative.

Huawei’s efforts then led to the birth of HarmonyOS in 2021, an Android-based platform that allows sideloading of applications developed – precisely – for the operating system with the green robot logo.

However, there is a new chapter on the horizon and it is titled HarmonyOS NEXT. Presented at the beginning of 2023, a demo of the new operating system has only recently been leaked. From the hands-on it emerges that APK files cannot be openedconfirming the fact that Huawei wants to focus on something new, on native applications developed specifically for HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS NEXT - Huawei

According to South China Morning PostNEXT will remove support for Android-based apps on all devices running the affected operating system.

Although it seems rather bold, the strategy of the Chinese giant appears quite clear (abandon Android). For confirmation we will only have to wait a few months, because HarmonyOS NEXT will debut in 2024.

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