Humane AI Pin in action in a video: for some it's a real disaster

The most talked about device of the last few weeks is undoubtedly theAI Pin by Humanewhich some say could revolutionize the tech world just like the first iPhone did. Despite the official presentation, it is still early to launch hypotheses on its success (or failure), yet someone has already made a judgment.

Human AI Pin in action in a short video: rejections from many users

The video shared by is very popular these days Bethany Good morning (but relaunched on X by @relanders404ed.), CEO and co-founder of Humane, where you can see the AI ​​Pin in action. As already widely anticipated, the display is of type Laser Link and is projected onto the palm of the user’s hand. From here, through a series of gestureit is possible to navigate between the various sections of the interface and perform various operations, such as replying to a message.

The short clip shows some gestures, such as tilting the hand to move from one section to another or closing the hand to return to the home screen. As regards the practical example shown, i.e. the function of messagingthe system allows you to consult received messages, start a voice dial and access pre-set templates.

Everything works as it should, of course, but one detail did not escape most of the people who watched the video: the time taken. Considering only the messaging function, the entire operation required Bethany Buongiorno about 15 seconds. Many, too many, according to some: with a smartphone or a smartwatch, the seconds are halved or almost. But criticism is also aimed at other aspects, such as font size and readability.

It’s really terrible, honestly“, “It’s not intuitive at all“, “I can’t understand the meaning of it“, “UI is truly disastrous – is this the future?” and so on. Negative comments are all the rage at the moment, but we don’t need to be categorical right away. Once it arrives on the market (2024), and once the necessary real tests have been carried out, it will be possible to make a judgement.

Humane AI Pin has a starting price of $699 and will initially be available only in the United States (pre-orders active from November 16th). Despite the not particularly low cost of using the device a monthly subscription of $24 per month will also be required.


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