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Humane AI Pin, what is the new “post-smartphone” and how it works

Humane, the startup founded by Bethany Bongiorno e Imran Chaudharyboth former employees of Applehas just launched the first “Wearable AI device”.

With a gigantic financing (more than 240 million dollars) the two succeeded in their aim, creating AI Pinan idea that seems to go well beyond that of the classic wearable, effectively becoming a smartphone, or rather a “post smartphone”, without any display and to be managed solely via voice, touch and gestural commands. All of this, of course, “supported” by a powerful force artificial intelligence.

Let’s find out more about it.

How AI is Made Pin by Humane

As just said, AI Pin is not a “simple” wearable devicebut it is a system in itself that can be applied to clothes or on any other surface (via a magnetic clip).

This device is powered by a processor made by Qualcomm (unspecified) which manages all on-board settings and functionality based on the‘artificial intelligence.

And this is precisely the peculiarity of AI Pin: inside this hi-tech gadget we find ChatGPT-4 which will be able to fulfill any user need in a more than effective manner.

The operating system you are using is called Cosmos and, although there are no applications to download as happens with classic smart devices, it can still use a series of integrated tools that can be “recalled” by the user according to needs (probably taking advantage of the chatbot OpenAI).

Not having a display, the various information passes right through a integrated speaker which allows the user to listen to the voice of this instrument. To ensure greater privacy, of course, it can also be used with smartphones auricolari Bluetooth.

To interface with this gadget, therefore, the user will have to use voice commands or, alternatively, you can manage everything via gestural commands o to superficie touch.

To be honest, however, it is not a completely vocal system and some information can also become visual (such as the time and date) via a small laser projector which can project what is required onto the palm of your hand.

Among other technical features we have depth sensors e of movement which allow the device to “know” the surrounding environment and a ultra wide angle camera 13 MP which, in addition to taking photos and videos, can recognize objects in its vicinity.

How AI Pin works

According to the first official statements, AI Pin is capable of writing messagessummarize the emails receivedstart a real time translator and much more.

It will also be possible via the device make and receive calls and, even listen to music (via Bluetooth headphones or speaker) using the application Tidal integrated.

Other information in this regard also talks about “support for photographic features focused on artificial intelligence”, these will probably be specific features for using the on-board camera but obviously without having a screen available.

Furthermore, the user will be able to manage the many features of AI Pin via Humane.center. a central hub accessible from a smartphone, to be used to “enter” this tool e see photos and videos capturedfor example, and deal with the various settings.

Finally, it is important to underline that AI Pin will not always be listening and, for greater privacy, it will be necessary activate it manuallywith the “trust light” (a multicolored LED) that will start flashing to signal to the user that the device is active and listening.

Humane AI Pin, price and availability

At the moment there isn’t one yetofficial release date by AI Pin but we know it will be sold at $699including a charger and two easily interchangeable batteries.

Humane lets you know that to make the device work you will need to subscribe to a $24/month subscription which includes a new phone number with mobile data (via T-Mobile), several GB of cloud space to store photos and videos, and of course, the ability to unlock all the features of ChatGPT-4.

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