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Humane AI Pin, what you can do with the new device

Just a few days ago Humanethe startup created by Bethany Bongiorno e Imran Chaudhary (both former employees of Apple) presented his AI Pinthe first “Wearable AI device”.

For those who don’t know, it’s a wearablewithout screen, that he would like replace the smartphoneleaning completely on ChatGPT-4 and its incredible potential.

Naturally, the release is still a few months away and it is not even clear if and when it will arrive in our country, however it is a real Revolution which could represent the first Valid alternative to the modern smartphone concept.

Let’s find out what he can do Humane AI Pin.

Humane AI Pin, the features

Being based onartificial intelligencethe potential of Humane AI Pin is incredible and completely independent of a display.

And this is precisely the peculiarity of the device that is being completely rethought la user experience of a mobile system, re-proposing it from a perspective mainly conversational. After all, having a chatbot inside it couldn’t be otherwise.

The first and most curious functionality of this device, then, is precisely that of being able to converse with it and receive voice responses (from the built-in speaker or via auricolari Bluetooth) to each question asked.

This is undoubtedly a new modality of “querying” the web which for the first time goes from visual to conversational, but not only. All modes of interaction between humans and devices occur in this way, dramatically amplifying the idea of ​​a “dialogue” even more direct with its own technology.

Simply put, then, Humane AI Pin takes the idea of voice assistant and takes it to the next level.

In addition to this, the idea of ​​the projector which can reproduce some information on the users’ hand. Of course, we can’t talk about a real display, but it still represents a nice find.

Furthermore, from this “projection” of contents, other methods of use are also developed that will allow the user to take advantage of the projected image as if it were that of a display (but with the necessary exceptions, of course).

Among the most interesting features of this device “anti-smartphone” the possibility of becoming a real body-cam able to assist the user and accompany him in all those daily activities and, if necessary, also to intervene in case of need.

In case of illnessfor example, Humane AI Pin could call for help or send your position to be reached by help. It could also become a dash cam to be used for filming any car accidents and, in extreme cases, call the police.

And again, the Humane device can also be a valid aid for real-time translationsimulating the conversation mode already seen above Google translatorfor example, and helping two people talk in different languages.

Since there is also one on board camera (also powered by ChatGPT-4) the device is also capable of provide information on what is being framed. At the moment the use concerns a sort of “food mode” which helps the user to recognize foods and to give information on nutritional values but, in the future, the company could significantly expand the potential of this feature.

Finally, again thanks to the AI ​​camera (also aided by the sensors on board the device) this tool is also capable of perceive what is around himadapting to the context and naturally adapting its functionality.

For example, for those listening to music in a very noisy environment, Humane AI Pin can adapt the volumes or the contents being played, so as to be more consistent with the situation.

Humane AI Pin, price and availability

Humane AI Pin will arrive on the market in early 2024 but we still don’t know if such a product will ever be exported outside the United States.

We know the price will be $699 with a charger and two easily interchangeable batteries included.

In addition to this, to use the device you will need to subscribe to a $24/month subscriptionthis includes a phone number with mobile data (via T-Mobile), a few GB of cloud space to store photos and videos the features of ChatGPT-4.


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