Humane launches AI Pin, the device that replaces the smartphone

Already during the month of April, Imran Chaudhri, ex-Apple veteran and co-founder of Humane, had shown something extraordinary. The startup was inaugurated with a very unique product: a wearable AI projector capable of working as if it were ChatGPT.

Now that very device has been officially launched and is called AI Pin. Essentially, design-wise, the Humane device is square in shape, with most of the space taken up by a battery. Using a magnet system, the product is designed to be attached to clothing or other surfaces, such as a backpack.

Internally the beating heart is represented by a Qualcomm processor, one Snapdragon not specified, while a small touchpad can also be seen. There is no shortage of camera and a small integrated projector that will show the monochrome interface on any surface.

Humante AI Pin, the device designed to replace the smartphone

Humane AI Pin

Starting right from the camera, the AI ​​Pin is capable of taking photos and recording videos with a 13 MP sensor. To activate it you will need to tap or swipe on the touchpad. An indicator LED called “Trust Light” will light up when the camera is active, signaling this to whoever is recording.

The great feature, the main one, is the integration with artificial intelligence, possible thanks to the platform GPT-4 Of OpenAI. AI will be able to manage voice messaging, translation and much more. There is even a function that can take information by recording any meeting and draw up a bulleted list with the salient points.

Humane AI Pin Projector

The operating system is defined Cosmos and shows itself with a projection on the hand and other surfaces. The device costs at launch 699 $but you will also need to pay for a subscription from 24 $ at Humane. According to rumors, pre-orders for the new AI Pin will start from November 16th, with the first shipments set for early 2024.


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