HyperOS, here is the customized version of Android that replaces Xiaomi MIUI

It has now been 13 years since Xiaomi presented MIUI, a customized version of Android developed in-house and pre-loaded on the company’s mobile devices. Acronym for “Mi User Interface“, MIUI saw the light shortly after the launch of the first Xiaomi smartphone, the Mi 1. The Asian company, which according to the most important companies specializing in market analysis, remains firmly in third place (12-13% of market share in summer 2023 second Counterpoint e Statesman) as the number of smartphone sold after Samsung and Apple, it announced that it wanted to abandon MIUI to move to the most recent one HyperOS.

HyperOS, new Android customization by Xiaomi

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, he revealed that after years of development, HyperOS is finally ready for debut. Presented as a real one operating systemHyperOS will make its first appearance in the Xiaomi smartphones of the 14 series, replacing the MIUI customization history.

Reading between the lines, we learn that the basis used to build HyperOS is once again the AOSP project (Android Open Source Project). And it couldn’t be otherwise because the open source version of Android allows device manufacturers and developers of alternative ROMs to access the security patches for the Google operating system.

Se Android the HyperOS engine remains, Xiaomi leaders tend to underline how the new proposal is not limited to providing a personalized user interface. In reality, despite the name, not even MIUI had been simple for some time interface for the operating system of the little green robot. Most of the “fundamentals” of Android were in fact subject to different management by MIUI.

This concept is the protagonist in HyperOS which, upon closer inspection, is a system developed starting from Velaa platform that Xiaomi technicians have developed to supervise the operation of devices forInternet of Things of society.

Following in the wake of other competing manufacturers, Xiaomi has great ambitions to create one complete platform it’s a ecosystem of products: for this reason HyperOS wants to unify the entire Xiaomi offer. From smartphones to tablets, smart TVs, wearable devices and products for smart home.


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