Iban swap alert: a new threat to your current account

The number of cyber threats is constantly growing and, for ordinary users, there is always a new danger around the corner.

The last on this very long list is the dreaded one Other swaps, a new and refined technique exploited by cybercriminals to empty the bank accounts of unfortunate victims. But what is it and why is it so dangerous?

This form of attack begins with receiving ae-mailwith a title that leverages the sense of urgency to push the user to open and read. Inside the email message there is a file excel as an attachment which, once activated, but to trigger a trojan.

The malware in question attacks the browser used on the computer, waiting for the victim to try to access their service home banking to make a wire transfer. When this happens, the malicious agent simply replaces the recipient’s IBAN, proposing one managed by cybercriminals.

Compared to classic credential theft methods, Iban swap appears much more refined and discreet. Especially for those who carry out many small operations, this type of attack can be devastating in the medium to long term.

How to prevent Iban swap and similar threats?

Although this threat is fearsome, it is also true that there are several precautions to avoid the worst.

Avoiding opening suspicious emails is important, but it is even more important to be wary of attachments (whether Word documents, Excel, PDF or executable). This precaution, combined with a system antivirus adequate, it already offers a good level of protection.

The antivirus, as well as the browser and operating system, always work updated, precisely to counter any type of emerging malware campaign. Finally, it is vitally important to stay informed about all the latest threats online. Only in this way, in fact, is it possible not to be caught off guard by new strategies implemented by cybercriminals.


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