13 Technology Gift Ideas and tips for Christmas or birthday gifts, for ourselves or to amaze friends and relatives

Hi Tech gifts Every year new technological products come out that no one ever talks about. Not only are the new iPhones or the new computer models with removable keyboards coming out, but many other types of innovative and useful gadgets and accessories that we always end up wondering how we managed to live without it.

Since most of these accessories have a wide variety of prices, they also become excellent gifts for the technology-obsessed boyfriend, to amaze friends and family with products that no one yet has or that can change everyday life.

In this article we will see the best hi-tech gift ideas to give at Christmas or for a birthdayfor others or even for ourselves, which can be found on the Amazon online store.

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1) Google thermostat

A very hi-tech device that we can give as a gift at Christmas or for some nerdy birthday is definitely the Google smart thermostatalso called Nest.

This thermostat is able to connect to the Internet, so as to being able to plan the switching on of the boiler or air conditioner remotely, even when we are away from home. It connects very easily to any type of gas boiler or air conditioning system (if in doubt we can ask for help from an electrician) and allows you to save a lot on energy consumption by planning the switching on of the systems shortly before returning home or via commands vowels.

Perfectly compatible with Google Home, it supports voice commands and the special Nest Learning Thermostat system which “learns” from our needs and turns on the systems intelligently, based on the set temperatures or the external climate.

To learn more we can read the guide to Smart thermostat and automatic heating and air conditioning control.

2) An intelligent robot

If we need to give a very useful gift to better manage the house, we can give a Roomba intelligent robot vacuum cleaneralthough a little expensive.

With this robot the cleaning will become much easier to carry outthanks to the cleaning cycle programming system, the room mapping system to be able to clean every corner, the automatic dust and debris detection system (Dirt detect) and the WiFi connection, which allow you to control the robot via specific app (and soon also with Alexa voice commands, i.e. with Amazon Echo).

This robot works on battery but we will never have to lift it off the ground to put it back on its charging base: it is able to find the base on its own and start charging, so as to be ready for the next cleaning cycle. In fact we will only have to empty it from time to time, then it will do the rest of the cleaning itself!

3) Mesh network extension

Another great technological innovation is the Reti Meshi.e. advanced wireless networks capable of connect devices at maximum speed from anywhere in your homeeven those furthest from the modem.

With Mesh networks we will no longer have to fear that the Wi-Fi signal will not reach our furthest room, given that the special technology allows us to optimize the signal and the transport of information as much as possible. Currently we can focus on both Google Wifi and Netgear Orbi solutions, both very good for managing the Mesh network. Let’s see the available models in detail.

The best repeater models that we can use are the TP-Link Mesh WiFi Repeater 6l’Amazon Euro 6 and the Google Wifi.

By choosing the right number of repeaters, we will be able to cover areas of up to 300 square meters, maintaining a very high connection speed anywhere on the network.

For further information we can read the article on how to take Wi-Fi where it doesn’t work with Wi-Fi Mesh.

4) Intelligent camera system

Do you want to increase security at home? Then it is better to leave aside the old surveillance or alarm systems (often too visible) and focus on the cloud solution offered by Blinka subsidiary of Amazon.

With these cameras (both internal and external) we will have a Complete surveillance system with motion detector, night vision, battery system (therefore no external power supply) and cloud connection via WiFi, so you can save footage directly online. For every movement detected we will be able to receive a notification on the phone or via email, with the possibility of seeing what is happening live.

On the same topic we can read the guide on video surveillance with WebCam PC and IP cameras: best programs.

5) E-book Reader

Reading never goes out of style! If we want to combine the passion for reading with a modern device capable of reading e-books without any problem and with a dedicated store, it is certainly worth focusing on Kindle Paperwhitethe best device of its kind.

With this reader we will be able to read i books on the touch screen with enviable qualityread at night thanks to the backlight, connect to Wi-Fi to immediately purchase new books on Amazon or send them to us from the PC via the dedicated email address, save over 1,000 books in the internal memory or take advantage of the cloud space offered by Amazon to store books already read.

6) Soundbar TV

To amaze an audiophile, we can also focus on one soundbar per TVavailable in various formats and with various sales prices.

With this arrangement we will have a complete playback system with direct integration with Spotify and other streaming services, direct Bluetooth smartphone connectionsupport for Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 audio technologies, optical cable support and HDMI ARC support.

We can read the guides on these technologies how to use a single HDMI ARC cable for video and audio on your TV come on how to use the HDMI CEC function on TVs and devices.

7) Smartband o Smartwatch

Il fitness tracker bracelet it is perhaps the most fashionable product of the year, not an expensive, impractical smartwatch, but a bracelet that is also beautiful to look at (depending on the model chosen) that tracks physical activities of all kinds.

It is therefore not just an appreciable gadget for those who do constant sporting activities, but also for those who want to measure performance in a soccer or tennis match or just to calculate steps or hours of sleep. When choosing the bracelet to buy or give as a gift, there are many alternatives and models, with prices ranging from 20 Euros to 100 Euros.

To recommend the best and cheapest we recommend the Xiaomi Mi Band to which I dedicated an article.

If you want to spend more and have a smart watch, you should read our guide on which Smartwatch to buy.

8) 3D viewer

If up until a few years ago i 3D viewers they might have seemed like experiments for gamers, today it is possible to choose between various models, which can be used both connected to the gaming PC and which can be used without any device nearby (such as the Meta Quest 3 by Facebook).

On this topic we invite you to read the guides on best 3D viewers come on how to enter the Metaverse and what you can do.

9) Lamps with wireless charging

With the growing diffusion of phones equipped with wireless charging it comes naturally to think of a light LED bedside table equipped with a surface to place the phone on and benefit from fast chargingwithout having to buy new devices.

The best lamps with wireless charging they are available directly on Amazon, just choose the one with the design that best suits your needs; in addition to the design it is also necessary to make sure that it supports the right charging current, as seen in the guide above how to use wireless charging on your phone (without cables).

10) Generic hi-tech ideas for all tastes

In addition to the specific technological gadgets seen above, we can find the right gift by choosing from the following list of products suitable for everyone:

  • Colorful LED aurora projector
  • Crock-pot Digital Slow Cooker
  • Echo Pop Smart Bluetooth Speaker
  • Cecotec 6 Liter Air Fryer Cecofry
  • Drone with 2K adjustable camera
  • 20,000 mAh powerbank with fast charging
  • Trust Verto Mouse Verticale Wireless
  • Meross Wireless Essential Oil Diffuser
  • JBL Wave 200TWS Cuffie In-Ear True Wireless
  • Ticwatch Pro 5 Smartwatch Android

For further information we can read the guide above how to receive gifts on Amazon via wish list.


All these ideas can serve as inspiration for create technological and useful gifts for everyoneeven to users who are not accustomed to technology or who only use technology if it is given to them as a Christmas gift!

Finally, I would like to point out that Amazon has created a technology gift ideas page with several special categories to browse through to discover the most innovative and useful products.


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