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If a notification doesn’t go away on Android, how to delete it

If a notification doesn't go away on Android, how to delete it

Do we have an always active notification in the Android drop-down menu? Let’s see together how to remove it and prevent it from reappearing.

Notifications on Android often do not go away from the dedicated screen, leaving the space on the screen occupied every time we lower the drop-down menu; this type of permanent notifications in many cases also have a notification icon, which will crowd the upper left corner of the screen creating incredible confusion.

what can we do to remove a notification that doesn’t go away on Android and tidy up your phone screen?

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1) Disable permanent app notification

Some apps feature the feature Permanent notification among the settings: this function is used more and more often to keep the app active in memory and to immediately show certain types of notifications.

These apps apply this “trick” to bypass energy saving: some of the apps that show the permanent notification are apps for smartwatches, smartbands or fitness, without forgetting apps that show the weather or other information.

If the permanent notification bothers us, all we have to do is open the app to which the notification refers (you can also click on it immediately) and deactivate the function from the app settings.

2) Remove advertising or game app notification

Advertising apps place themselves as permanent notification or as repeated notification (which often appears on the notification screen) to be able to generate revenue with each view or stimulate the use of the app: this allows you to earn by showing a notification that cannot be removed in any way, not even in the app settings.

The apps that suffer most from this problem are Android games: even if they are free, many games use this permanent notification to always show information, bonuses to redeem and encourage users to click on it.

Removing the game in question makes life significantly easier; if the game is interesting and we don’t want to delete it we can try one of the methods that we will see in the following chapters, so it eliminates the notification without deleting the entire game.

3) Scan your phone for viruses

If we cannot get rid of the permanent notification in any way and it is always shown at all hours of the day, we must take into consideration that it could also be a notification of a harmful app containing a virus or spyware.

To run an antivirus check, all we have to do is open the app Play Storepress at the top right on your profile picture, press on Play Protect and start the scan by pressing on Analyze.

On Xiaomi phones we can perform an additional scan by launching the app Safety and pressing on the section Security scanthus starting a complete scan of every area of ​​the phone.

If instead we wanted to use third-party antiviruses we can try for free Avira Security Antivirus e Bitdefender Antivirus.

For further information we can read our guides best antivirus and antimalware apps for android come on how to always activate Google Play Protect to protect Android from harmful apps.

4) Disable system notifications

On many modern Android phones we can manage every aspect of notifications, deactivating permanent ones and showing only those we deem useful. The procedure varies depending on the manufacturer of the phone you are using, but the steps are very similar to each other.

On Xiaomi phones, for example, we can remove a notification that doesn’t go away by opening the app Settingspressing on Notifications and Control Centerby pressing up App notifications and identifying the app with the annoying notification; after finding it, press on it and turn off the switch on some of the notifications present, until the permanent notification disappears.

If we are not interested in the notifications of this app we can also press the switch directly View notifications at the top, turning off any type of associated notification. Alternatively we can do it much sooner by holding down the permanent notification and deactivating the notification function directly from the drop-down menu, without visiting the system menus.

5) Enable energy saving for the app

The app we are using may show the notification to avoid being turned off by the phone’s power saving system, but on many phones the power system can be adjusted to disable any background activity, even that generated for the permanent notification.

To act on Xiaomi phones all we have to do is take us along the path Settings -> Batterypress on the bolt-shaped icon at the top right, press on Energy saving applet’s identify the app that generates the notification that doesn’t go away and set it to Limit background activities.

We can make app blocking even more effective opening the recent apps list (by swiping from the bottom edge and remaining still in the center of the screen or using the appropriate button at the bottom), pressing and holding on the preview of the always active app and deactivating the automatic start, as well as changing the battery and notification settings.

To learn more, we recommend reading the guides above How to prevent apps from closing automatically on Android come on how to extend android battery life to the maximum.


Annoying apps can always remain active in memory using an annoying permanent notification; in addition to these apps, there are also other applications that often show the notification, even when we close it (for example games).

With the tricks shown above we will be able to do any remove a notification that doesn’t go away on Androidusing only the settings provided by your phone or operating system.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to block or limit notifications on android come on how to view all past notifications in android.

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