If a program does not uninstall: Solution

uninstall programs errors
A rather annoying type of problem on a Windows PC is that which prevents a program from being uninstalled and removed. This can happen due to an incorrect configuration or after deleting one or more files (for example if you have used a cleaning software that has deleted the temporary files folder).
Normally, to uninstall a program in Windows 10 or Windows 7, you use the program uninstall utility. In Windows 10 the use of this tool is much simpler than in Windows 7 and 8, because you can search for it from the Start menu, press on it with the right mouse button and then press Uninstall. If it is an application installed by the Microsoft store, it is removed immediately and without problems. If it is a program, the utility opens Uninstall or change a program. This utility is included in the Windows Control Panel, under the section Programs and features. At this point, you look for the program in the list, select it and then press the Uninstall button and that program is removed from the PC correctly, usually.
In some cases, however, this uninstallation may fail and ends with an error. In most cases, the uninstallation error says that you cannot find a file 8 usually an MSI file) or a resource (sometimes an error message like this appears: The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable or A network resource is not available).
In other cases, however, as in antivirus programs, the uninstaller is unable to terminate the running program.
Other types of errors can be caused by a problem with the Windows Installer internal tool. Another type of problem is that which does not allow you to update a program, the previous version is already there.

Resolve errors that prevent uninstalling a program

Whenever a program is unable to uninstall due to the errors seen above, there is, fortunately, an automatic solution provided by Microsoft that works for both Windows 10 and Windows 7 and Windows 8.
This program allows you to correct the uninstallation instructions contained in an MSI file which may no longer be available. You can then correct the incorrect registry keys and all the problems that prevent the installation of new programs and the updating / removal (also through the application installer in the Control Panel) of the programs already installed.
Microsoft’s automated tool to remove a program that cannot be uninstalled can be downloaded from this link.

In addition to this, remember that there are some software that make uninstalling programs from Windows cleaner and more efficient:
We therefore have programs to uninstall programs, among which they are famous Revo Uninstaller and then also BC Uninstaller, to clean up the system of unnecessary programs.
In another article, we also have i programs to uninstall antiviruses that are more difficult to remove.
For Windows 10 only, we’ve written a complete guide to remove apps, including pre-installed ones.


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