Facebook blocked Facebook has become very selective over the years and does not tolerate the presence of accounts with fake names or mistaken identity. To combat fake profiles he asked some users to verify their account with ID card.

Unfortunately, this check could also be triggered on real or harmless profiles: the procedure to follow is rather unpleasant for those who just want to exchange a few messages with friends; until we restore the profile it disappears from the search and from the friends list as if it had been deleted.

Fortunately the suspension is only temporary and linked to the increasingly stringent policies of Facebook which wants accounts to be verified in case of doubt, that they are profiles of authentic people, whether they are famous people or common names.

So let’s see how to quickly restore the suspended profile for identity verificationfollowing to the letter the steps recommended by Facebook itself for the restoration of suspended accounts as “suspected fake accounts”.

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1) Why does Facebook block accounts?

The criterion used by Facebook and i reasons in making these requests it is certainly not accidental, but it is not even easy to understand. Analyzing the various cases it would seem that the accounts for which verification is required are mainly those with a name similar to famous names, which have two or three people in the profile photo or with a very large list of friends (almost suspicious, especially if obtained in very short time).

It is also likely that these accounts deemed suspicious have also been reported as fake by someone while visiting the profile. Also, another factor that seems common is that account suspension for security reasons happens to people who use Facebook on the go, connecting from different cities.

Verify by mobile number

Whatever the reason for the block, we can prevent a Facebook profile from being blocked using a real name and surname verifying your profile by mobile number. Those who verify their mobile phone should not receive this suspension notice and will not be forced to send their ID card to Facebook.

It is therefore advisable to carry out this check before the block occurs. If our profile is at risk of being blocked, let’s go to the page Mobile settingsenter a valid phone number and validate the confirmation code received via SMS to complete the operation. The mobile number may be kept private in the profile information, visible only to us. Facebook does not use this number to send advertisements so you can rest assured.

If our profile is blocked, it may be sufficient to log in with the phone number; on the Facebook home screen we enter our phone number, enter the Facebook password and, in case of confirmation, we provide the security code provided via SMS to immediately unlock the profile and resume where we left off.

Verification via two-factor authentication

Another very effective method to bypass the Facebook block provides for the prior activation of two-factor authenticationa security method that Facebook uses a lot to filter real profiles (which activate the option) from fake profiles (which rarely activate this option).

If our profile is at risk of being blocked, let’s go to the Facebook Security page, press the button Edit next to the item Use two-factor authentication and we follow the steps described to activate this important security system.

If our profile is blocked as a “suspicious fake account” all we have to do is open the browser in incognito modewe open the Facebook homepage, enter the credentials of our account and, when requested, we provide the confirmation code via SMS or one of the other authentication methods provided by Facebook (OTP authentication app or authorization from the Facebook mobile app).

Once the check is passed, we will be able to access our account again without any problem.

Verification of identity documents

If the verification systems shown so far have not worked or we didn’t activate them in time all that remains is to provide a valid identity document, such as an identity card or passport. Those who have had this block can access the Facebook identity verification page, enter the username and, when requested, upload a valid identity document.

After loading, all that remains is to be patient and wait: it may take some time before we receive an answer but, if everything is in order, our Facebook profile will be unblocked. If you don’t have an identity card you can send the driving license, the health card, the ballot paper and any other document (even unofficial) that shows your name, date of birth and photo.

Other useful documents that we can use to verify our identity are: the bus pass, work cards, medical tests, a utility bill or library card. If you send a particularly sensitive document, you can blank out all information except your name and date of birth.


To conclude, it is important to know that everything written on Facebook is not ours and can disappear at any moment. Facebook also clarifies, on the support page, that any document sent to verify theauthenticity of the profile it will be deleted immediately and will not be kept.

As soon as you regain possession of the account, we advise you to change the password and add the verification methods seen aboveso as not to have to redo the check through documents (even if Facebook will hardly search for documents twice).

If we don’t know the reason for blocking our Facebook account, we suggest you read our guides on what’s allowed and what’s not on Facebook and how restore Facebook if the account was hacked.

While we’ve never had any problems with suspended, locked out, or banned accounts, it’s worth it download messages and data from Facebook as a backup copy of everything we have written and shared on the social network.


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