If I don’t receive notifications on my phone, how to fix it

Solutions if you do not receive notifications from Whatsapp, Email, SMS or other applications on your Android smartphone and iPhone

No smartphone notifications

All users waiting for an important notification often find themselves reading it only many hours later, opening the app and realizing they have a backlog to read.

This problem affects both Android devices and iPhones (although to a lesser extent); fortunately it is possible to intervene in the device settings to fix and restore the correct functioning of all notifications.

Problems with notifications can be caused by the energy saving of the device (particularly on Android) but also from one incorrect configuration of notificationswhich on the latest versions of Android and iOS can be adjusted by the user.

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1) Restore notifications on Android

Too aggressive energy saving can slow down or completely block the reception of notifications on Android: it is therefore better to immediately create exceptions for the apps that we use often and from which we want to receive notifications immediately.

On Xiaomi phones (but it also applies to other Android phones) we can adjust the energy saving by opening the app Settingsopening the menu Drums and changing the mode, choosing Balanced o Performance mode based on the type of phone you use.

We can make other energy saving settings by taking us along the path Settings -> Apps (o Settings -> Apps -> App Management), opening the app from which we no longer receive notifications, pressing on Energy saving and setting to No restrictions.

If we fear that the problem is automatic startup, we open the app Safetylet’s get into the menu Automatic start in the background and make sure that the check mark is active next to the name of the app to keep in automatic startup.

As a last attempt it is worth opening the list of open apps and locking them in memory, using the function Block apps (usually shaped like a padlock).

Notification settings

Despite the adjustments made to save energy, we still don’t receive any notifications on the phone for a particular app? In this case you need to check your notification settings; to proceed we open the app Settingslet’s press on the menu Notifications (o Notifications and status bar), let’s open the menu App notifications and look for the offending app, so we can view the notification settings.

Once the offending app has been opened, we check that the switch next to the item is active View notifications and that the voices are also active Notifications highlighted, Lock screen notifications, Pop-up notifications, Allow use of LED (show up), Sound, Vibration level e Permanent notification. On the same screen we also check the individual items in the lower section, where there are often also other settings for secondary notifications for that app.

To learn more about managing Android notifications on the lock screen, we invite you to read our guide Improve notifications on Android on the lock screen. However, if the notification problem persists, we also consider a factory reset, as we have already seen in our guide Format Android and reset the phone, erasing everything.

2) Restore notifications on iPhone

On the iPhone it is difficult not to receive notifications due to energy saving, given that with the basic settings we should always be able to receive them; if we fear that we have changed something in the past and don’t know how to restore the app’s notifications, let’s go to the app Settingswe press on the menu Generallet’s press on the menu Refresh apps in the background and make sure the switch next to the offending app is active.

To make sure you receive notifications even when we are away from home, press on at the top Refresh apps in the background (in the same screen seen previously) and press on Wi-Fi and cellular data.

Notification settings

If the problem persists we have probably deactivated the app notifications completely. To fix this, let’s open the app again Settingswe press on the menu Notificationsselect the app that no longer shows notifications and make sure the switch next to the item is active Allow notificationsthat the three types of alerts are also active and finally let’s make sure that the voices are active Sounds e Badge.

On the same screen we press on the item Show previews and let’s make sure it’s there Alwaysso let’s open the entry Notification grouping to adjust this setting (by default it should be set to Automatic).

If problems persist and we no longer receive any type of notification, we take into consideration formatting the iPhone, as seen in our guide Factory reset iPhone and iPad by erasing and restoring data.


Receiving notifications is vitally important on modern smartphones and even missing a notification or reading it a few minutes late could annoy many users, who are used to immediately reading all the alerts and notifications that arrive on the phone in real time (or Almost).

If the problem concerns energy saving we can intervene as shown above, while if the notifications do not appear at all perhaps we have deactivated them by mistake and they just need to be reactivated correctly.

If we want to voluntarily block notifications from some apps, we invite you to read our guide Block Android notifications or limit them to only certain apps. If instead we want to customize notifications on Android, we can continue reading our article App to customize notifications on Android.

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