If Samsung phone goes slow and freezes, what to do

Those who have a cheap Samsung smartphone that is slow or crashes often can get the most out of it by following these tips

Slow Samsung phone Even Samsungs can slow down and freeze when running apps, especially if the phone is already at least 2 years old. Like any good Android Samsung can run into memory problemsin problems of energy saving and apps that are too heavy for your devicecausing a general slowdown.

Understand why Samsung smartphone is slow or sometimes freezes it will allow us to make it as good as new without proceeding with a total reset, so that we can make the most of it and not repeat the same mistakes.

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1) Delete unnecessary files

Like any good Android phone, the first trick to use to solve problems with a slow phone involves deleting unnecessary files, recovering the storage space used unnecessarily.

To proceed we open the app Settingslet’s get into the menu Device and battery supportwe press on Storage memory and open the various items present on the screen, so as to be able to delete useless files.

To speed up a Samsung we recommend always checking the menus Compressed files, Installation file e Applicationsas well as checking the media files on your phone (Images, Video e Audio).

On the same topic we can read the guide above how to recover full memory on android.

2) Close unused apps

Inside modern Samsung phones we can use an automatic optimization system, capable of closing unused apps and thus recovering memory occupied during the execution of the most useful apps.

To proceed, let’s take the path Settings -> Device and battery supportwe press on Memory and finally press the button Clean up now to free up memory space. This option can be used whenever your phone slows down too much.

Those who want to use this function more often without going through the Settings app just have to press and hold anywhere on the screen, press Widget and add the widget Device support and select Optimizeso you can immediately optimize your memory at any time by pressing the brush icon.

For further information we can read the guideauto removal of unused apps in Android.

3) Perform diagnostics with Samsung Members

Another useful tool to immediately recover the optimal performance of your phone is the Diagnostica con Samsung Membersaccessible by all users who have an active Samsung account on their phone.

To use this function we open the app Samsung Memberswe press on Diagnostics (about are Assistance -> Diagnostics) and finally press on Start to start the process of analyzing your entire device, getting recommendations and automatic optimizations to make your phone really fast.

4) Set up a lightweight launcher

Samsung’s One UI is the default launcher of all phones produced by the Korean manufacturer: it is very complete and customizable, but it takes up a lot of RAM space, slowing down older or low-memory Samsung phones.

To overcome the problem, simply install a very light launcher such as Lawnchair Launcher. With it we will get a minimal launcher, widely customizable and with a slightly different approach to opening and cataloging apps, which will allow you to switch from one app to another at a decidedly high speed.

Once installed and started on our system (we provide all the permissions to be able to make the most of the launcher), we restart the phone to definitively close the old launcher and leave only Lawnchair in memory (it may also be necessary to close the active apps, holding down the Home button or by swiping from the bottom edge to the center of the screen, holding your finger down).

Alternatively we can use one of the lightweight launchers reported in our ai guide Fastest and lightest Android launchers for slow smartphones.

5) Move photos to the cloud

When you have little built-in memory on your smartphone, Quickly move photos and videos from internal storage to the cloud it becomes essential to keep the phone fast and responsive, even after months of use. To do this, simply take advantage of the automatic synchronization service offered by Google Photoa system app already present on practically every Samsung.

Once the app is open, make sure you are logged in with your Google account (if we have already installed apps, access will be automatic), tap on the button with the three horizontal lines at the top left, press on the menu Settings and we select Backup and sync.

In the screen that opens, make sure there is a check mark next to the Backup and synchronization item, then choose the folders to back up using the item Backed up device folders (photos taken with the camera are already included in the backup, here we will choose the other folders that contain photos, videos or images).
Once the backup is activated, your personal photos and videos will be uploaded to the Google cloud automatically whenever we are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

All our shots, photos and videos are available on Google Photos website or with the PC program Backup and sync.

To learn more about Google Photos, we recommend reading the guides onGoogle Photos app with unlimited backup from Android, iPhone and PC e 25 Google Photos Tricks and Special Options for Images and Videos on Smartphones and PCs.


If your Samsung smartphone is slow, just read the suggestions above speed up your phone just enough to use it every day without waiting for the app to open. The rule of turning it off once in a while also appliesproceeding with a reboot every 2 weeks (to be done manually or automatically, as seen in the guide above how to make your phone restart automatically).

For further information you can also read the guides on How to Optimize Android and on App Cleaner and Booster for Android that improve performance.

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