Mouse doesn't workIt sometimes happens that when you try to connect a Bluetooth mouse to your computer it is not detected or, worse, it hooks up to the computer but does not work. Some problems with Bluetooth can be fixed with a simple restart of the PC, while others persist and are difficult to identify precisely, leading us to believe that the mouse is faulty or the PC no longer functions properly after a system update.In the following guide we will show you how to fix Bluetooth mouse problems if not working on Windows 10 or Windows 11, experimenting with the settings offered by the operating system and trying to reinstall the Bluetooth drivers. All the methods described are very simple to perform even for a beginner: no secret code or strange strings to write, but only procedures to be carried out with a few mouse clicks (working!).

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Problems related to the mouse

Before you mess with your computer settings let’s make sure that the problem is not related to the mouse, so as to avoid wasting time unnecessarily on solving a PC problem that does not exist. So let’s make sure that the mouse in question:

  • Be fully charged: If the internal battery is low or the alkaline batteries used in the mouse are exhausted, it will not work on any computer. We change the batteries or use a common USB cable to charge the mouse, also using a USB port on the PC for charging.
  • It is not out of range: if we want to use the Bluetooth mouse on a fixed PC distant from where we are (for example from the bed or sofa), remember that the ideal range for a Bluetooth device is about 10 meters, which become much less if there are obstacles or other electromagnetic devices nearby.
  • It is not associated with another PC: typical error of those who use the same mouse on several computers or different devices. The Bluetooth mouse stores one device at a time, so every time we switch PCs we make sure to put the mouse into pairing mode and connect it to the computer in use.
  • Is set to Bluetooth mode: Some gaming mice provide both Bluetooth and wireless mode (with dedicated USB dongle). If the mouse is in wireless mode it will not work with Bluetooth: to solve the problem, immediately identify the button or switch and set it to Bluetooth mode.

Once the Bluetooth mouse is excluded, we can concentrate on the PC, especially if the pointing device still doesn’t work as it should.

PC related problems

If the problem seems to be with the computer we are using right now, first of all make sure that there is actually a Bluetooth adapter or an internal Bluetooth module: there is nothing worse than wanting to connect a wireless mouse to an old laptop without Bluetooth!

To carry out this check, press the right button on the Start menu, open the menu Device management and check that one is present Bluetooth section.

Bluetooth section

If there is no Bluetooth section, the PC does not have Bluetooth; to remedy this, we can buy a simple Bluetooth USB adapter on Amazon at a cost of a few euros.

If the section is present but the mouse does not want it to work or to connect to our PC, make sure that the following checks have been carried out on the PC:

  • Turn on Bluetooth: to check this, simply press the notification center at the bottom right and press the called switch Bluetooth. If the icon is already on, let’s move on with the tips.
  • Restart Bluetooth: from the notification center seen a little while ago we press the Bluetooth switch to turn it off, wait a few seconds then press on it to turn it on again.
  • We connect the device correctly.
  • Activate / Deactivate airplane mode: if we used the airplane mode also the Bluetooth is turned off. To remove this mode we use the specific key from the notification center or activate it and reactivate it to restore the correct functioning of the device.
  • Add the mouse correctly: let’s get into the app Settings, let’s open the menu Devices and, in the menu Bluetooth and other devices, click on the button Add Bluetooth or other device and then we press on the item Bluetooth. Let’s put the mouse in pairing mode and, as soon as it appears on the PC, let’s press it to pair it correctly.

If the PC asks for some passwords when connecting a mouse, the vast majority of peripherals use 1234 or 0000 as the access password; if no password works, consult the mouse user manual or change the Bluetooth adapter with a more modern one (like the one seen above).

Automatic troubleshooting

On Windows 10 we can try to solve all the problems with Bluetooth (not only therefore the problems generated by wireless mice) using the integrated troubleshooting system. To make this attempt, we open the app Settings, let’s get into the menu Update and security, let’s open the menu Problem solving, click on the item Additional troubleshooting tools and finally press on the item Bluetooth.

Bluetooth problems

An automatic PC scan system will start immediately, looking for the problem that prevents the correct use of the mouse on the computer. This tool does not always work: for this reason it should be used only after having tried all the previous steps, since we can often solve the problem quickly by ourselves.

Update went wrong

If the problem with the Bluetooth mouse appeared after a Windows update, we can proceed to uninstall the latest update by taking us to the path Settings -> Updates and security -> Windows Update -> View update history and finally pressing on the item Uninstall the updates. Let’s choose the problematic update and remove it from our computer.

If the problem arose after a system version upgrade (Major Update), we can always go back within a certain period of time, as also seen in our guide How to go back to the previous version of Windows 10 (Downgrade).

Problems related to the Bluetooth driver

If none of the advice seen so far has solved the problem with the Bluetooth mouse, it’s worth it focus on the Bluetooth driver present on our system, almost certainly the biggest suspect at this point in the guide.

To uninstall the old Bluetooth driver right click on the Start menu, open the menu Device management, let’s expand the section Bluetooth, we identify the Bluetooth adapter used by the phone, right-click on it and finally press on Uninstall device.

Bluetooth Windows

Make sure to uninstall the driver that came with the device as well, then restart your PC for the changes to take effect. At the next restart, Windows 10 will search for the new driver for the Bluetooth adapter completely automatically, using Windows Update for the purpose.

If the Bluetooth is not detected or there is no driver, open the Start menu and type Check for updates, so as to force the search for a new driver for the Bluetooth adapter in use. Alternatively we can always search for the specific Bluetooth driver on the Internet, use the CD in the adapter package or use a program such as Driver Booster, capable of automatically recovering a large number of drivers.

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By following all the steps and tips present above we will be able to quickly solve the vast majority of problems with Bluetooth mice, which often work in fits and starts or don’t work at all on the latest versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 (possibly due to massive system updates).

If your Bluetooth mouse has no intention of getting back to work but you don’t want to give up the convenience of a wireless mouse, we suggest you consider purchasing a wireless mouse with 2.4 GHz technology, like the Logitech M185 Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz with Mini USB Receiver: this mouse is really simple to use, since you just need to connect the appropriate USB receiver to be immediately operational, without any interference or problem related to the Bluetooth drivers.

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