If the connection is slow on the PC, causes and solutions

Troubleshoot slow internet connection problems on your PC, to see if it is caused by us or by the telephone company

Slow connection It happens to everyone, at times, to find the internet connection much slower than usual, with problems downloading quickly from the internet, watching videos and movies in streaming, playing online and even viewing websites in the most serious cases.

The Internet should, theoretically, have a constant speed every day, but problems can occur that cause slow connection only on one computer, only at certain times of the day or continuously.

Below we go to discover the main causes of problems that can affect your internet connection speed and how to fix and restore the speed as before, so you can browse and download without limitations.

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Why does the PC connection slow down?

To explain the different reasons why the internet connection is slower than usual and it is also difficult to have a complete case series that changes according to the type of connection.

What you can do to fix slow internet connection problems are a few verification test to understand where the problem lies and, above all, whether it is up to us or the telephone company.

You can certainly call the assistance of the telephone operator but if you do not have data to provide, there is the risk of not solving the problem in a short time. There is no need for special equipment or complex software to determine if the telephone line is the culprit or if it depends on the computer: in the following chapters we will see the steps and tests to be performed in order to find out where the cause of the slow connection is.

1) Slow connection on only one PC

If the connection problem occurs only on a computer and not on other devices connected to the network (smartphone, tablet or other PC) you must check that:

  • there are not programs that take up the whole band active on that PC or any other connected device;
  • the your computer’s network configuration is correct.

Let’s see in detail what can be the causes of all these slowdowns.

Download P2P

As far as the first point is concerned, it is necessary to check that on other PCs or network devices they are not activate heavy download programs like BitTorrent or eMuleand that heavy downloads (such as Windows version updateswhich can saturate the whole line).

Video in streaming

On that PC, the connection can also become slow due to streaming video: if we are watching a high definition movie on the Smart TVit is highly likely that the computer connection will slow down, especially if we do not have a particularly fast line (less than 25 Megabits per second).

Virus e malware

On the computer with slow connection it is important to check that they are not there viruses or spyware programs responsible for the slowdown. Luckily we can use some free tools to clean your PC from all virusesso as to restore normal browsing speed.

Malicious Windows Processes

A computer can also slow down due to some malicious process active in memory and totally useless for the purpose. For this reason we invite you to check Windows processes if they are safe or maliciousin a simple way and without necessarily being an expert.

Incorrect connection configuration

As regards, however, the connection configurationit is possible to do a reset using some recovery options included in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

On Windows 11 we can restore the connection configuration by right clicking on the Start menu, pressing on the item Settingstaking us to the menu Systemby clicking on the menu Problem solvingby pressing on Other troubleshooting tools and finally clicking on the button Run present next to the items Network card e Internet connections.

In Windows 10, you can do the same reset by opening the app Settingsby pressing on the menu Update and securityopening the menu Problem solvingby clicking on the item Additional troubleshooting tools and pressing on the items Network card e Internet connections.

Wrong DNS configuration

Among the network configurations present on computers, the server DNS could be the cause of slowdowns in opening web pages.

On modern PCs we can easily modificare i DNSby entering i DNS di Google to solve all problems related to this parameter.

2) Slow connection on all devices

If he slow internet connection problem affects all connected devicesthe first solution to try is that of turn the router and modem off and on again, disconnect the cables, wait a few minutes and then turn on the modem first and then the router (if we have two different devices). If the slow connection problem occurred after a power failure, turning it off and on again may be a solution.

If these tricks didn’t work, let’s see together what we can do to restore the network connection.

Optimize the Wi-Fi signal

If the problem is with the Wi-Fi network, slowness could be caused by bad signal or wrong transmission channel. First of all, therefore, it can be useful reset the routerbut only if we have a proprietary modem (ie ready to use, without external configurations).

In the router settings it is possible connect to the channel with the strongest signalso as to avoid interference and get a better signal.

Furthermore, it is it is advisable to activate the 5 GHz wifi networka higher frequency network that does not suffer from interference and allows for high connection speeds.

In another article we have also seen how to avoid wifi interference from neighbors’ networks.

Change modem or router

Modems and routers also break down, especially those who have more than 4 years on their shoulders. If we have had the same modem / router for several years, it may be a good idea to change it and buy a new one because even if the problem of slowness did not depend on that, it is still a substitution that will give benefits.

In another article we saw how buy the best router.

Check telephone line

If the Internet slowdowns aren’t over it’s time to check the telephone line and check the data provided by the modem. We then access the control panel of the router (usually just open a web browser and type the address enter the login credentials (basic admin adminbut it can change according to the model in use), let’s go to the section Statistics, State o Status and we check the various values, so as to be able to verify if there is really a line problem.

The values ​​to keep an eye on are:

  • Line Attenuation (dB) or Line Attenuation: this datum measures the amount of signal that is lost between the telephone exchange and the modem. The more the distance between the central (Telecom) and the house, the greater the attenuation. Below 50dB is considered acceptable, above the line it will never go well. In This Page the distance from the control unit can be calculated based on the line attenuation value.
  • Synchronization Speed ​​(or Max Rate Kbps): this parameter indicates the speed at which the router connects to the change device; in fact it is the maximum speed that can be reached with the current line.
  • SNR Margin (dB) (o Noise Margin): This parameter represents the difference between the current Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and the SNR needed to provide a particular speed. If the SNR margin is low, frequent disconnections can occur. Ideally, this should be 12dB or higher in both Up and Down.

If the SNR margin is low or the line attenuation is high or if the calculated maximum speed is less than what you are paying for, the problem is certainly somewhere between the modem and the telephone exchange. With the values ​​marked you can call the operator’s assistance and be much more precise in explaining the slow connection problem.

Remember that if the phone company or internet provider provides an internet connection speed lower than the one guaranteed in the contract, you can immediately withdraw from the contract without paying any fees as explained by the site AGCOM.


If we followed tall the necessary troubleshooting steps and the internet connection is still slow, it’s time to call the telephone company and see if the problem is at their end. Unfortunately, if the connection works, even if slow, they may not pay much attention to our complaints, but you can still get results if the answer is taken over by a competent operator.

In addition, by providing the speed data from our tests and proving that it is not our computer or network devices to blame, you can save time and help our support team find the solution.

To learn more, we can read our guide on how call the assistance of all operators and how connect a new router to the modem without changing networks.


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