YouTube links not opening directly within the YouTube app? Let’s see together how to solve the problem on Android and iPhone

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Typically when we tap a link to a YouTube video, the phone automatically opens the link in the YouTube app, so we can view it at the highest quality and with all the options provided by the most popular streaming platform.

On some Android phones and iPhones, YouTube links may not open correctly, remaining visible in the app, in the phone’s web browser or not opening at all, preventing the user from viewing the shared video or live streaming of the video. Favorite YouTuber.

In the following guide we will show you how to reset video links from opening on the YouTube appcollecting the procedures to follow for Android phones and tips when using an iPhone.

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1) Delete the default settings for YouTube links

The first valid tip on Android is to delete favorites for opening YouTube links: Many browsers and alternative apps can “intercept” YouTube links and open them instead of the official app, causing the links to appear broken or manageable with the wrong app.

To solve it, let’s open the app Settingslet’s get into the menu App (o App -> Gestione app), let’s identify the browsers or apps that manage the videos, press on them and finally press on Delete presetsin order to cancel any association with YouTube links.

2) Change Android Link Opening

Another very effective trick on Android phones is the menu Opening linkwhere there are all the associations between the sites and the links that can be managed with each individual app.

To proceed, let’s take the path Settings -> Apps -> Default apps (on Xiaomi the path is Settings -> Apps -> App Management -> three dots at the top -> Default applications), we select the item Opening linklet’s get into the app YouTube and, next to the item Open supported links, we set You open as the default entry.

This should solve most problems; if this is not the case, we also press down on Clear default preferences to restore link management on Android or we also open the other apps to check if any have Youtube links associated with them (so we can reset the default options).

3) Reset app preferences

We can always do it from Android Reset all app preferences on the flywithout having to find out which app is preventing YouTube links from opening correctly (which can become very difficult if we have many apps installed).

To apply this trick let’s take the path again Settings -> Apps (on Xiaomi the path is Settings -> Apps -> App Management), we press on the three dots at the top and use our voice Reset app preferencesconfirming in the following window.

We won’t lose any app data, but all customizations and link associations will be restored, so you can open all subsequent YouTube links with your favorite app (basically the YouTube app YouTube).

4) Remove “Open in App” for some applications

Many apps installed on phones (such as Telegram and Facebook) avoid opening links with external apps, forcing the opening of video links with their integrated players; this behavior could be useful in some cases, but for YouTube lovers it is a nuisance, since we will never see the video within the YouTube app.

To solve the problem on Telegram we open the app, select the menu Settingswe press on Chat settings and we deactivate the switch next to the vode Browser in-app.

We can also adjust a similar item on the Facebook app: to proceed, let’s take the path Settings and privacy -> Settingslet’s press on the voice Multimedia contents and let’s raise the voice Opening links externally.

5) Open YouTube links on iPhone

The YouTube link problem is less frequent on iPhonegiven that the links are immediately associated with the YouTube app as soon as it is installed by theApple App Store.

If by chance we encounter problems with YouTube links on an iPhone we can try to solve them by copying the YouTube link (hold down on it and press Copy link o Copy), opening the app Notecreating a new note and pasting the link copied earlier.

After copying the link, hold down your finger on it for a long time until you see the drop-down menu appear, so you can press on Apri in “YouTube”.


Most problems with YouTube links arise from the use of alternative browsers or apps designed to read YouTube links and modify them: These apps can make it difficult to use YouTube links and even prevent them from opening correctly.

There is no shortage of methods for restoring the opening of YouTube links and they are almost all designed for Android, the platform where it is easier to find alternative YouTube apps that do not work well or that completely block the opening of links (without underestimating Telegram and Facebook, which have internal browsers and readers).

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