Does our phone’s Wi-Fi hotspot keep turning off? Let’s see together how to solve this problem once and for all.

Android hotspot not working

The Wi-Fi hotspot on Android can become very useful when the power goes out at home or the landline “goes crazy”, allowing us to browse on a PC using the phone’s data network connection and the telephone offer active at that moment .

Some Android smartphones may show some strange behavior while using hotspot: it tends to turn off for no reason, does not allow us to navigate or does not seem to work properly, cutting us off from the Internet precisely when we need it most. Luckily there are some options to activate or deactivate so that the hotspot always works correctly when needed, without having to fear that it will stop working out of the blue.

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1) Simple preliminary operations

Before continuing it may be a good idea to carry out this immediately some simple recovery operationsbefore changing any other phone items or settings:

  • Turn your phone off and on: This procedure should resolve minor issues and get your hotspot up and running again without any problems.
  • Turn off and start Wi-Fi: this procedure also helps a lot to resolve any problems that can affect Wi-Fi hotspots on Android.
  • Update your phone: if there is an update it is worth applying it and restarting the phone when requested, so as to also resolve any bugs involving the hotspot on Android.

If none of the above suggestions resolved your issueWi-Fi hotspot turning off for no reasonlet’s continue reading the guide to immediately find other suggestions valid for all modern Android devices (both tablets and smartphones).

2) Disable automatic hotspot shutdown

Wi-Fi hotspot on Android has a feature that automatically turns off the hotspot when no devices are connected. If our goal is to always have the hotspot available we can deactivate this option by going to the app Settingspressing on Personal hotspots (or similar entries) and turning off the switch next to the entry Automatically turn off the hotspot.

From now on the hotspot will always remain active until we personally act to turn it off; given that this function consumes energy, it is worth turning it off manually if we don’t have to use it for a while, turning it on only when strictly necessary.

3) Increase your hotspot data limit

Another reason that could make it impossible to use the Wi-Fi hotspot on Android is data limits: even if connected regularly the PC may not be able to navigate because we have reached the mobile data limit assigned to the hotspot.

To raise the limit we recommend you take us along the route Settings -> Personal Hotspot -> One-time data limit and raise the data traffic threshold assigned to each device; if the limit is applied to the entire phone (for example when we are roaming) let’s get on the journey Settings -> SIM cards and mobile networks -> Advanced settings -> Data roaming and we change the data limit set under the entry Dimensions (usually present in the section Set your daily limit for roaming data usage).

To avoid running out of gigabytes assigned to our SIM by the operator, we recommend activating the metered connection on Windows, as seen in the guide on how to reduce data consumption and internet traffic on your PC.

4) Turn off the battery saving mode

Se we have activated energy saving on the phone the Wi-Fi hotspot will be turned off every time we lock the screen or at regular intervals, preventing us from browsing on the PC. To turn off energy saving we open the Android drop-down menu, identify the hotkey associated with energy saving and turn off the switch.

Alternatively we can turn off the energy saving by opening the app Settingspressing on Drums and turning off energy saving (or setting it to Balanced to activate the normal phone settings).

For further information we can read our article on how to extend android battery life to the maximum.

5) Reset network settings

None of the above suggestions worked? In this case the problem concerns the hardware associated with Wi-Fi and it is possible to resolve it by starting a network settings reset, which will deactivate all customizations used on the Wi-Fi network and mobile data network.

To start the recovery we open the app Settingspress at the top of the search field, type Restorationwe launch the menu dedicated to system recovery and finally press on Reset network settings (or similar items); the menu items may change but the procedure is the same on all phones.

We have created the guide on restoring Android settings how to reset network settings on Android and iPhone.


Wi-Fi hotspot on Android can become the only way to connect to the Internet from a notebook or desktop PC, so it must always work well in case of emergency. If we notice problems with the Android Wi-Fi hotspot, it is worth trying the suggestions seen in this guide, to always keep at hand and to use as soon as we notice a malfunction of the hotspot.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to use your phone to navigate from your PC (hotspot) and on Hotspot app, to improve internet connection management.


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