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If you receive this email from YouPorn it could be a phishing attack

In these weeks one scam related to the name of YouPorn it’s making thousands of users jump around the world. In fact, it may happen that you receive one email which seems to come from the famous portal of adult content.

The communication is certainly alarming. The message informs users of the presence on the YouPorn catalog of a sexually explicit video which involves them. After which he proposes to pay an amount in order to guarantee the removal of the content.

Actually the email does not come from YouPorn in any way. It is rather an online scam that falls on the spectrum of phishing. An attack known as the sextortion: a real extortion, linked to the sexual sphere of the victim.

Sextortion is a particularly subtle attack, considering that it involves the world of porno online to leverage on fears eh taboo of the single. Add to this the fact that it is possible that the user in question actually shot a hardcore content. Whether or not the video is uploaded to any platform.

What is sextortion

The term sextortion is used to represent different types of scam having to do with the sex. And that culminate in a form of extortion.

The attack methods are reminiscent of those of the phishing. The scammer impersonates someone else and tries to win the trust of the victim. Even if in the case of “classic” phishing the aim of the attack is obtain sensitive data.

In the case of the sextortion you get to one rather explicit request for payment. But the assumption behind the scam is very similar: play with fear of the victim. And then exploit her trust to convince her to share resources or valuable information.

In the case of sextortion under consideration, an email address that looks like [email protected] send an inquiry message feedback about uploading a content.

How the YouPorn email scam works

Several users are sharing on social networks the bogus message related to the latest sextortion that brings up the name of YouPorn. It’s about a rather formal emailwhich might appear to be written by a company employee.

In the email the scammer he passes himself off as a professional by YouPorn. The scammer contacts the victim to ask for one confirmation that a content has been uploaded which sees her as the protagonist: a hard video on which no details of any kind are provided.

The message announces the imminent publication of the video. At the same time it provides indications on how remove content. And here the scam takes shape.

In fact, the email ends with a sort of service tariff (even these bogus): more or less high figures with which the user can buy the video deletion and a whole series of alleged security services.

In the event that this email is received, the advice is to ignore her. Especially of do not click on any of the links available, so as not to risk anything.

In the case of phishing or sextortion emails, it is in fact possible that the simple press of buttons or banners lead to the automatic download of malware. Regardless of the actual execution of a payment.

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