It can make YouTube HD video display better and make videos load faster and in better resolution

Video Pixellati YouTubeOn YouTube, videos are not always seen very well, even in scenarios in which we are connected to the fastest Wi-Fi network or we are using the fastest data network connection possible (LTE or 5G).

In some scenarios they still seem to be there Problems viewing high definition videos on YouTubewith the appearance of artifacts or graininess typical of a low resolution videos (480p or lower resolutions).

In the following guide we will show you how always get high definition youtube videosso as to benefit from the maximum image quality without artifacts or annoying graininess both from computers, laptops and mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

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1) Set full screen

By default, YouTube is set to provide an automatic resolution based on the size of the window in which we play the video. If we immediately view the video in full screen, the site will immediately load the maximum resolution and the maximum quality available for that specific video.

From PC all we have to do is press the F key on the keyboard when the YouTube video starts, immediately starting the full screen mode; to exit this mode just press the ESC key on the keyboard.

On smartphones and tablets we can set the full screen by pressing the appropriate key for full screen (in the lower right corner of the video itself) or, alternatively, by swiping up from the video.

2) Use the app instead of the browser

If up to now we have used the browser to see YouTube videos we can benefit from the maximum video quality using YouTube appsavailable for virtually any device on the market.

The YouTube app is free to download from Google Play Store and fromApple App Store; if we use a PC we can download the official YouTube app directly from Microsoft Store.

3) Force higher resolution

One of the reasons YouTube videos look grainy is the low resolution assigned by the automatic video management systemwhich sometimes loads the lowest quality even on very fast networks and can handle higher resolutions.

To always force the maximum resolution from our PC, open any video on YouTube, press the gear icon (bottom right of the video), expand the menu Quality and deselect Automaticchoosing instead 1080p, 1080p60, 1080p Premium, 1440p60 o 2160p60 based on the video we are playing and the type of monitor we are using.

To always force the maximum resolution from smartphone or tablet, open any video from the app, press the gear icon at the top right, expand the Quality menu and choose the item Superior image quality, thus unlocking the high resolution; alternatively we press on Advanced settings and we choose the highest quality available for the video.

A good test video to test these modes is video LG Jazz HDR UHDto start immediately at the highest possible quality.

4) View the video on TV

If the video is always bad or grainy from a PC or mobile device, we can always take advantage of the YouTube app present in the Smart component of the TV or equip ourselves with a Chromecast con Google TV or of a Fire TV Stick 4K to broadcast in the highest quality on your TV.

On this topic we invite you to read our guides on how to use Youtube TV in full screen to watch videos on TV come on how to watch YouTube on Chromecast, Android TV Box and similar.

5) Subscribe to YouTube Premium

On some monitors higher resolutions are available Only for YouTube Premium subscribersleaving only the lower resolutions to free users.

If for us the quality of YouTube videos is everything we can immediately subscribe to a YouTube Premium subscription paying €17.99 a month for the family plan (which allows you to unlock all the benefits for 5 people who live in the same house).

This subscription will remove ads from YouTube, unlock all higher resolutions and also allow us to listen to music at the highest quality as seen in the guide at how to listen to high quality music in Spotify, Youtube, Prime Music.


Grainy YouTube videos are a real plague in particular from mobile, where the videos are seen very badly if we don’t set the full screen or if we don’t use the app with YouTube Premium active. Fortunately we can solve with a few simple tricks in most casesi, even without necessarily having to activate the subscription (which we still recommend if we use YouTube a lot).

Please note that not all videos are uploaded at the highest quality: if the original video is of low quality we will obtain a maximum resolution equal to that of the original video, with no possibility of really improving the situation.

To learn more we can read our guides on how to fix streaming problems on Netflix come on how to fix streaming viewing problems on DAZN, NOW, IPTV etc.


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