Our Android phone doesn’t allow us to make calls? Let’s find out together what causes problems and how to solve them

Unable to call on Android

Not being able to make calls can be very frustrating, especially if we need the phone to call an important person, contact suppliers or customers or to make a call for a job interview.

An Android phone may stop making calls due to various issues; In the following guide we have collected the most valid ones solutions to fix Android calling problemso that we can immediately start the phone call or resume the conversation left halfway due to a temporary problem with our faithful Android smartphone.

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1) Turn off airplane mode

Before trying any other advice let’s check that on the phone there is no Airplane mode is turned on by mistake: in this mode it is not possible to make any type of call, given that both the cellular network connection and Wi-Fi are deactivated.

To quickly deactivate airplane mode, swipe down from the top edge of the screen or from the top right corner and, in the drop-down menu with quick actions, press on the airplane-shaped icon (most likely turned on at that moment) .

Alternatively we can turn off this mode by taking us along the route Settings -> Connection and sharing and deactivating the button next to the item Flight mode.

2) Turn off do not disturb mode

Do not disturb mode could also block calls (on some Android models): if this mode is active and we are unable to call, it is worth deactivating it (even temporarily) to see if calls are available again.

On most Android phones, do not disturb mode can be deactivated from the Android drop-down menu (by swiping from the top of the screen), but we can also change the mode by holding down the power button or by taking us to the path Settings -> Sounds and vibration (or similar) and deactivating the functions Silent mode o Do not disturb.

To learn more we can read our guide on how to use Do Not Disturb mode on Samsung Galaxy.

3) Change network mode

If the call we need to make is particularly urgent we can force the call to start by changing the network mode and switching to rete 2Gparticularly useful if we are out of town or in an area where the LTE or 5G signal is poor.

To proceed, let’s get straight into the process Settings -> SIM cards and mobile networkswe press on the SIM that is giving us problems, we press on Preferred network type and we choose Solo 2G. Some operators don’t provide 2G connectivity, so it’s worth a try too Prefer 4G networks o Prefer 3G network to test all options.

If no mobile network works, it is better to use a Wi-Fi connection to call, as seen in our guides on how to activate Wi-Fi Calling on Android come on how to receive phone calls even if your cell phone doesn’t work.

4) Force quit the Phone app

The Phone app on Android handles all calls (also known as Dialer) and, in case of problems, it could prevent calls from being made correctly.

To restore this important app let’s take you on the path Settings -> Apps -> App Managementlet’s look for the app Telephone (if it is missing or we used a dialer provided by the manufacturer, install it from the Play Store) and press on Forced closure to force it out.

The next time we start the dialer it will be possible to make calls again; if the problem persists we can also press the button Delete data and press Delete all data to delete the data present in the dialer.

5) Check the SIM card

The SIM card is essential for making calls on the cellular network: if it doesn’t work well or is damaged, it could prevent access to the network and block all calls (except emergency ones).

In this case we strongly advise you to turn off the phone, remove the SIM and try to reinsert it, perhaps using another slot (in the case of Dual SIM phones). If the SIM still doesn’t work it’s worth replacing it.

To learn more we can read our guide on what to do when the SIM does not work or is not read by the phone.

6) Reset network settings

Another effective attempt to make calls again can be done by resetting the data connection (and all other connections on the phone), especially if we have played with the Android secret settings.

This feature is available by opening the app Settingsselecting the menu Connection and sharingpressing on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks and Bluetooth and finally pressing on Reset.

We wait for the end of the process and then restart the phone as a precaution: the smartphone should make calls again without problems.

7) Perform factory reset

If none of the previous advice has been successful and we can no longer make any calls with the phone, it may be useful reset your entire phone to factory settingsthus losing all your customized settings.

The procedure is very invasive and can lead to the loss of personal data and app settings: it is better to proceed with a preventive backup of data and apps before executing it.

After making the backup we open the app Settingslet’s go to the search bar at the top and type restoration and let’s open our voice Factory reset (or similar) by carrying out the entire recovery procedure.

On the same topic we can read our guides on how to format Android and reset the phone by erasing everything come on how to repair android.

Finally, remember that to make calls on Android, we can also install aDifferent dialer app to manage Contacts and Address Book.


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