Does the battery of our smartwatch last too little? Let’s see together how to prolong it effectively to last a few more days

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Smartwatches are useful for receiving notifications, tracking workouts, tracking health and sleep, and managing calls without unlocking the phone, but in many cases, the battery lasts so short that we force the watch to charge more often than expected (even once every 2 days, based on the number of notifications and calls we receive).

In the following guide we will show you how to fix problems that fast download any smartwatchso as to bring the autonomy to an acceptable level and recharge it only when really necessary (ie when it drops below 20% of residual charge).

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1) Turn off functions that consume more energy

Smartwatches are packed with features, but we don’t necessarily have to use them all together! Many functions can also be deactivated or activated only when really needed, thus saving the battery. The functions that we can deactivate or activate only temporarily are:

  • Stress monitoring
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Heart rate and saturation measurement
  • Always-on screen (always-on)
  • GPS always available

By disabling these options or by programming them to activate only on demand we will save a lot of energy, increasing the battery life included in the smartwatch.

2) Decrease screen time-out

Another effective little trick to prevent the smartwatch from discharging too quickly is to decrease screen time-out. This simple trick can make all the difference if we receive many notifications throughout the day, as the screen will remain on for a certain amount of time after receiving the notification.

A good compromise between usability and energy saving is a timeout set to 3-5 seconds; a higher time-out will increase battery consumption, while a lower time-out will not give us the time necessary to read all notifications correctly, leading to having to unlock the screen more often.

3) Turn off continuous monitoring

Continuous monitoring is another feature that can compromise battery life included in a smartwatch. This feature is used for health or sleep monitoring but can be turned off if we don’t monitor our health every day and at all hours.

On some smartwatches it is possible to set continuous monitoring only for a certain time slot (for example at night) or it is possible to set a monitoring timer for only a few minutes. To learn more, we can read our guide on how to manage the constant measurement on the Mi Band.

4) Use simple themes or skins

On smartwatches we can apply some themes or skins to make them more appealing and more suited to our style. However, some themes are full of colors, information and graphic effects, leading to a rapid deterioration of the battery included in the smart watch.

The advice is therefore to use the basic theme offered by the smartwatch or, if we really want to use a special or particular theme, adjust the clock settings to save as much battery as possible, for example by deactivating useless functions or continuous monitoring.

5) Recharge often

Just like for smartphones it can be useful to adopt the continuous charging strategy: since the smartwatch runs down quickly, we might as well recharge it often and willingly, setting up a recharge point in every place we live (office, bedroom, bedroom and study).

For example, many models are available on Amazon Apple Watch charging standeasily adaptable to any model Apple Watch; if instead we use another smartwatch model it is worth looking on Amazon for an additional charger to always carry with you or to place.


These simple but never trivial tips should improve the autonomy of any smartwatch and, in case of really too high consumption, convince ourselves to place recharge points wherever we are, using the recharge stands available online or by purchasing another charger compatible with the smart watch we have purchased.

To learn more, we can read our guides on migliori app per smartwatch Android Wear OS come on how to increase the battery life of the Mi Band.


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