iMac 27

The hopes of many were pinned on the event Scary Fast went on stage only a few days ago, unfortunately Apple has not announced a new desktop computer with a 27″ display. The only novelty in this sense was the presentation of theiMac 24″ con chip M3 (arrived in the company of the new MacBook Pro). But is it just a question of time?

A 27″ iMac with Apple Silicon chip is not in Apple’s plans

The plans on the agenda of the Cupertino giant seem to be far from the wishes of the community. There is no intention, at least for the moment, to focus on a 27″ iMac with an Apple Silicon processor. The Californian company itself took care of clearing away any doubts The Verge. However, there is the possibility of taking it out too positive news: Apple specifically talked about a 27″ AiO model, then there might be hopes for a configuration with a larger display.

Speaking of which, recently the usual Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg he said that – according to his sources – Apple is thinking of launching in 2025 a 32-inch AiO. With an Apple Silicon heart, of course.

Intel iMac with 27-inch display

During the Halloween event, the new iMac with M3 was defined as the perfect solution for replace Intel-based 4K and 5K models. But is it really like that? The screen resolution of the current model is 4.5K, when the 27″ iMacs offer a 5K resolution.

You have to turn up your nose even when talking about performance. The new iMac is only available with the M3 chip, but the “old” Intel iMac Pro with 28-core Xeon CPU appears better equipped for more intensive workloads. From this perspective, the fairest comparison would be with M2 Max, M2 Ultra e M3 Maxwhich however only find space on the high-end MacBook Pro, the Mac Studio and the Mac Pro.

The situation is therefore doubtful, but if you want to see the glass half fullthere is still the possibility of seeing (in 2025?) the debut of an Apple AiO with a larger display than the “usual” 24 inches.


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