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iMac, what we know about the new model and when it arrives

Second Mark Gurmanthe famous journalist of Bloombergi new iMacs they could arrive as early as the end of October.

An indiscretion which, if confirmed, would bring a nice breath of fresh air to Mac computers, especially because it could coincide with a “refresh” of the 24 inch model which has been stuck in the same hardware sector since 2021 and has remained the only device in the stable Apple with the “old” chipM1.

The new version could bring the device a significant technological leap which, again according to Gurman, would take it directly towards a new processore M3.

Here’s everything we know

New 24” iMac, what we know

If the rumors shared by Mark Gurman are confirmed, the next 24-inch iMac will have an M3 chip, effectively bypassing the current generation of M2 processors.

This would mean a significant leap in quality, especially because from the old M1 to today the Apple processor design has been radically changed, just as the displays used by the Cupertino company have also changed.

At the moment we have little official indications on the next chip but, rumors on the web claim that this will be made on 3nm manufacturing process TSMCwhich will guarantee significant improvements in terms of performance ed energy efficiency compared to previous processors.

The official announcement should arrive on October 30th or 31sta date that coincides first of all with the classic presentation by Apple of the results obtained in the past quarter, already looking at the end of 2023 and the various discounts between Black Friday not offers during the Christmas period.

More news from Apple

In his article Mark Gurman also anticipates the arrival of several new features for others Mac on the market and, while not specifying a precise timeline, it suggests that they will take place in a reasonably short time.

These changes should concern i MacBook Pro 14″ e 16″ con M2 Pro and M2 Max processors. It is not yet clear what it is but it could be small news, given that they are relatively recent products and still quite efficient.

In addition to the new 24-inch iMac, the most far-reaching innovations seem to still be distant, such as MacBook Air with M3 chips, for example, which should arrive in 2024 or other changes to the iMac with a 32-inch displayalso expected next year.

Finally, still looking to 2024 (or more likely to 2025), according to rumors on the web, Apple could launch a product called (for the moment) iMacProwhich should represent a radical upheaval of the idea behind the iMac, perhaps integrating a touch screen It is probably enhanced versions of the M3 chip.

Clearly it is still early to make hypotheses and, as suggested by Mark Gurman, we need to experience this 2023 as a sort of “transition year” and wait until next year to start shaping Apple’s future plans.

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