iMessage, what is the difference between the green bubble and the blue bubble

Anyone who owns an iPhone knows the service well iMessagethe app through which messages are read, managed and sent to other users. It is a very practical, well-structured app, easy to use even for those who are not familiar with digital tools and which presents some well-known and hidden features, which could be very useful.

Anyone who has used iMessage, for example, will have realized that there are some bubbles, cartoons, green and blue bubbles. The color differences also correspond to differences in the type of message received or sent: let’s find out all the details.

iMessage on iPhone, what it is and how it works

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iMessage is an application that can be found pre-installed on all iPhones. AND an instant messaging service, safe and securewhich can be used to send or receive different types of messages on all devices supported by iOS or developed by Apple and on those compatible with iPhones.

If iMessage is set up on multiple Apple devices, when you receive a message to your email address or phone number via iMessage, the notification is forwarded to all connected devices. It’s a great way to avoid missing important messages.

Messages sent with iMessage are forwarded using the Wi-Fi or phone network. This type of message is not considered as SMS or MMS, for this reason no costs are incurred for sending them nor is their count subtracted from those possibly foreseen monthly by the contract with your telephone operator.

You can only communicate with iMessage with people who use it the same application on Apple devices. Otherwise, messages are sent as SMS. At this point the operator’s forwarding fee applies.

iMessage is a service that guarantees important advantages, as it allows you to send messages to other users without having to incur any type of cost, but it can only be used between Apple devices

iMessage is a very dynamic app, very similar, in some aspects, to the most famous and widespread instant messaging services, such as Telegram and WhatsApp. When you message someone via iMessage you will be able to see when the other person is writing the message and, if read receipts have been activated by both of you, you will be able to know if and when the recipient has received and read the content.

Many are the existing functions, including unsending, the presence of audio messages, reporting messages that violate the rules or unwanted messages, the ability to participate and manage group conversations. To use the app to its full potential, you need to have an Apple ID.

All messages sent and received with iMessage are protected by end-to-end encryption, therefore, maximum privacy protection is guaranteed.

How to activate iMessage on iPhone

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iMessage can be turned on and off. If deactivated, all messages are automatically sent in the form of SMS and MMS, even when the recipient is an Apple device owner and has activated the application.

If you want to use the service, you need to make sure that iMessage is active. To do this you need to go to the Settings area of ​​your device and select the item Messages. In this section it is possible to make all the decisions that influence the exchange of messages, both between Apple devices and with recipients who own other types of devices.

To activate iMessage you need to click on the switch until it turns green. By clicking Send and Receive you can choose which contacts to receive and send messages to and from which to start new conversations.

Contacts are shown automatically, because linked to your Apple ID. The user can only select or deselect which ones to use for iMessage and which ones he prefers not to use.

In the section Messages dell’area Settings you can also activate reading receipts and sending SMS when iMessage is not available. In this case, you may incur costs for forwarding messages.

iMessage, difference between green bubble or blue bubble


Those who use iMessage will have noticed that among the messages sent and received there are two types of bubbles (or comics), one blue and one green. This is a system that allows you to immediately identify the type of message sent.

The blue speech bubbles and green speech bubbles on iMessage indicate the type of message forwarded

Se the bubble is blue, it means that a message was sent through iMessage. These can be texts, images, videos. The sending, in this case, was completely free, because the WI-FI or telephone network was used.

Se the bubble is green, the user sent an SMS or MMS, depending on the content of the message. In this case, for sending the message, a cost was incurred which depends on the telephone operator’s tariff plan.

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