Improve the reception of notifications by making them visible when the screen is off and locked, even for phones without LEDs

Android enhanced notifications On Android phones without notification LED we can improve notifications on android on the lock screenusing the settings to take advantage of the always-on screen or using some apps designed to not miss a single notification.

In the following guide we have collected all the methods for get notifications on android on lock screenbased on the technologies present on modern smartphones with Android (recommended) and also illustrating the third-party apps to install on older phones.

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1) Activate Display always on (Always-on)

The best way to improve notifications on the Android lock screen involves the use of the always-on display, which can very well replace any notification LED and clearly show us the type of notification received.

If our phone is compatible with the screen always on we can improve notifications by taking us on the path Settings -> Always-on and Lock screenactivating the voice Always-on and taking us to the menu Notification effect (show up).

In the new screen we can choose whether to keep the classic Always-on (with the clock, battery and app icons with notification) or whether to light up the screen every time we receive a notification; in the latter case we can also choose the effect to apply (pulsation, starlight, etc.).

On this subject we can read our guide on how to activate always-on on samsung galaxy.

2) AOA: Always on Display

Always on Display If our phone doesn’t have the Always-on or we don’t like the integrated function, we can use the app AOA: Always on Display to improve notifications on Android on the lock screen.

By downloading and launching this app on any Android phone, we will get a lock screen that allows us to interact with the notifications received without unlocking the phone, as well as display the time and date, weather forecasts and show a handy widget to check the your music.

The app is fully customizable according to our needs: in fact, we can set shortcuts for our favorite apps, start the flashlight and change the style of notifications and the clock, as well as being able to choose the light of the edges.

3) Notific

Notific is a free app that shows notifications on your android lock screen.

This app works only for selected applications giving you more control over notifications and excluding unnecessary ones. Once you’ve selected the apps, there are a few options to tweak accessible from the settings menu.

You can choose not to turn on the screen if the phone is in your pocket and to turn it on when you take it out. you can also choose to leave the screen on for a certain period so that the notification doesn’t disappear right away.

You can also create a black list to exclude some notifications from appearing on the screen, in order to maintain privacy in cases where you are in the company of someone curious.

4) Dynamic Island e Notification light

Dynamic Island The developer to follow if we want to improve notifications on Android on the lock screen is Sackswhich provides several apps for the purpose:

  • Notification light for Pixel
  • Notification light for Samsung
  • Notification Light for OnePlus
  • Notification Light – aodNotify (all phones)
  • Dynamic Island – dynamicSpot

These apps allow you to add a virtual notification LED around the hole of the front camera, as well as add a light effect on the edge of the phone; these effects can be activated for specific phone manufacturers but we can also install the generic version (aodNotify).

In addition to improving lock screen notifications, this author has created the iPhone 14-style Dynamic Island, as already seen in the guide on how to get the dynamic island notch on android.

5) More apps to improve notifications

In addition to the apps indicated above, we can also try these to improve the notifications displayed on Android:

1) Glympse Notification is a very simple app that does one thing, every time a notification arrives, the screen turns on. The app is able to sense when the phone is in the pocket so as not to turn on the screen and thus waste battery.

2) C Notice is the app to receive notifications floating on the screen from any application installed (and that you want to receive notifications about) on your device, to display them on a bubble or comic strip. So there’s no need to swipe the notification bar anymore and it’s the perfect app to manage Android notifications on a large screen using one hand.

3) Notification Lock Screen It is one of best widgets to add on android lock screen which immediately shows what the notification refers to without having to unlock the mobile phone. However, it is not a supplementary warning system.


Notifications on the lock screen on Android may not like, especially if we have chosen a phone manufacturer that pays little attention to this aspect. On Android you can improve everything with the simple activation of Always-on (where possible) or using apps to customize the lock screen (We strongly recommend that you try the apps provided by Jawomo).

To learn more, we can read our articles on how to keep the screen always on on samsung, oneplus and all android come on how to get info on screen off on android.


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