In 2023, 10 million devices infected by data-stealing malware

In 2023, 10 million devices infected by data-stealing malware

The alarm comes directly from Kasperskya company specializing in information security: the number of data-stealing attacks is increased by 643% in the last three years.

These worrying numbers are the result of research carried out by Digital Footprint Intelligence from Kaspersky, which also confirmed how 10 million devices they were compromised by infostealers in 2023 alone.

We’re talking about one average around 50.9 credentials stolen access data from cybercriminals for each compromised device. These include passwords and the like social network, crypto wallets, Bank services and mail electronics.

The data-stealing phenomenon, however, has also targeted websites. We are talking about approx 400.000 siti in the last five years to have suffered this type of attack, with domains .com to be the main victims of such attacks. Next, the most affected domains are .br (Brazil), the .in (India), the .co (Colombia) and the .vn (related to Vietnam).

Is the era of data-stealing destined to end with passkeys? Better not to let your guard down

This type of cyber attack has pushed industry giants to find alternative solutions to classic passwords.

In this context, in fact, they are increasingly finding their footing passkey. which, at least at the moment, are much more secure than simple passwords and even systems two-factor authentication.

This is because devices are “pre-authenticated”, using recognition methods such as face detection o l’Fingerprint. This makes potential malware infections useless.

Despite this, the cunning of cybercriminals should not be underestimated. Precisely for this reason, even by adopting an advanced system such as passkeys, the advice is to always keep your electronic devices protected, preventing external interference through periodic updates of the operating system and the adoption of a antivirus of proven quality.

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