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Influencers, what Europens think about them

The influencer is a figure that has spread in recent years and has attracted the attention of web users and companies of all sizes and types. The latter have shown that they find collaborations with creators, tiktokers and influencers in general, but also profitable the point of view of the Europen public is extremely interesting and can be useful for developing more effective strategies.

Research conducted by the InSIdE Observatory in collaboration with Eumetra and the University of Pavia and promoted by Pulse Advertising has returned a rather clear picture, which describes how Europens interact with influencers, where and how much they follow them. The study sample is made up of 2000 people between 15 and 65 years old, balanced between men and women and divided by age groups.

The relationship between Europens and influencers

The research of the InSIdE observatory it leaves no room for much doubt. Europens appreciate influencers and often follow them. Just think that at least 1 in 5 users follows 11 or more influencers on average. An important data which indicates that millions of people, an extremely large audience comparable to that of traditional mass media, can be reached by the messages transmitted by creators.

The reasons that lead to following influencers are different based on the age of the user. GenX, Baby Boomers and Millennials they decide to mainly follow accounts that deal with topics they consider interesting. GenZ follows to find entertainment and because they are intrigued by the lifestyle and purchasing choices of influencers. For this reason, they are more likely to seek interaction and defolloware if the creator loses authenticity.

Il defollow it also comes at a time when the creator becomes embroiled in a scandal, as social media senses as a place for exchanging opinionsthe. If the user no longer identifies himself in the influencer’s transmitted messages, he stops following him.

Europens, social media and influencers

The difference between GenZ and previous generations It also emerges when investigating the use of social media. The former especially loves YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, Millennials prefer Instagram, Telegram and Facebook. The latter is then the favorite of GenX.

It might surprise you that it is GenZ, digital natives, who produce less content. The most followed topics, in general, are those that concern cooking, nutrition, travel, music, clothing and technology.

As far as purchases are concerned, in some product sectors the decision of the users seems to be have a more direct relationship with influencers’ activities: make up and beauty, technology, cinema, video games, clothes and cooking. GenZ shows that they trust the council more creatorswhile boomers tend to remain more skeptical and tend to trust brands more.

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