Meanwhile, a test for a more immersive Home feed is being started, around videos and photos, Instagram has begun to verify the age of its users, as promised in recent months to protect the youngest.
Instagram: age check and TikTok-style feed test

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Last March, the photo-sharing platform Instagram, which has long been under the banner of the former Facebook In (now Meta), closed the standalone apps Hyperlapse and Boomerang to concentrate all its video experience in the so-called Instagram Videos: in April Then came a round of implementations, to simplify the sharing of posts and allow you to reply wherever you were without having to go into the app’s inbox.

In May, Menlo Park did not let itself be begged, reserving two first fruits for the users of the well-known photo-sharing. The first news related to Instagram comes directly from the CEO, Adam Mosseri who, in the past few hours, announced through a video post on his Twitter profile the launch of a test that will allow a more immersive experience in the main feed on Home.

This will happen, specifically, by placing the videos more in the center and in the foreground, probably in the name of the umpteenth attempt made, after the bonuses offered to the creators who published the best original Reels, and after the algorithm changes to penalize those who they reposted content created elsewhere, to involve users more in the creation of videos, if its consumption were to appear more attractive.

In the video shared by Mosseri, the new feed, which will display static photos and videos in full screen, seems to place likes, captions, comments and more above the post while, at the top of the interface, there is no bar with the Stories. In fact, a clarification from an Instagram spokesperson, Seine Kim, explained that the demonstration shows how the feed will look when you start scrolling and that, in reality, how the buttons for purchases, search, Reels and profile are located. still at the bottom of the screen, so the Stories will still be visible at the top of the screen.

Meanwhile, this is the second novelty, 8 months after the declaration of the intention to make age verification essential, Instagram has begun to ask some users, or those who had not yet entered it, through a special window which cannot be skipped, to indicate one’s date of birth (also for animal or company profiles) which, far from being published on the profile, will be used to limit access to those under 13, but also to customize the experience of using the platform and, it is specified, the administration of advertising.


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