Instagram announces important graphical changes

The beginning of the week of Instagram (always at the center of rumors) opened with a post on its institutional blog with which it announced a new layout, the renewal of the logo, and the debut of a new font.
Instagram announces important graphical changes

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The famous Meta photo sharing platform, Instagram, has recently published an important post on its official press blog, with which it has unveiled the roll-out of many new features in the graphic-aesthetic field: in the meantime, always from the Instagram front , there is no shortage of rumors.

With a post on its official blog,, the well-known photo sharing of Menlo Park has communicated the beginning of a new evolutionary phase, aimed at “creating more engaging and inclusive experiences”, embodied in a series of changes on a graphic level.

Among the novelties pompously mentioned by Instagram for its graphic refresh, we start with a new logo, more visible when the app is opened, but also placed with different dimensions and in different positions in the images (in relation to the layout used), in which a gradient revived through a three-dimensional modeling process that involved the artist Rose Pilkington stands out (in essence, depending on the application scenario, the relative digital light can be customized, resulting in a greater sense of depth), to arrive – as second improvement – also to an unprecedented full-screen marketing layout, aimed at celebrating simplicity (offering the proposition of “foreground” content, through an intimate, imperfect style that reflects the “passion and experiences of our community”.

An element to which Instagram has given great weight, so much so that it has dedicated a mini site to it ( in which the user can indulge in trying the different variations, is the new Instagram Sans font (with the Bold, Sans Regular, Light, Medium, Condensed and Condensed Bold options, and an increased number of global script fonts), created with the collaboration of various language experts, so that it was easily adaptable – as a typeface – even to languages ​​graphically very particular, such as Thai, Arabic and Japanese. This result was achieved by combining geometric and grotesque elements, with the final result manifesting itself in the name of squircles (mix between square, square, and circle, circle).

There was no shortage of rumors, by the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi. The expert feature tracker, via reverse engineering, discovered how the platform is working to allow verified users to set who can contact them (call them). The commitment of Instagram programmers, however, would also have been directed towards the development of another function, which could allow friends to chat together while watching a live video together.

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