Instagram announces measures to prioritize original content

Instagram announces measures to prioritize original content

Instagram is trying in every way to favor those who share original content over simple ones aggregators, who simply “recycle” other people’s posts. This intention was confirmed Adam Mosseriat the head of the platform.

The algorithms in operation so far, in fact, seemed to focus on posts from accounts with a high number of followers. This, however, seems to have favored those who “ride the wave” of fashion over creators who offer original content.

As announced by Mosseri, there are four new features arriving in this regard, namely:

  1. And new method for classifying content and offer greater visibility to what is original;
  2. The replacement of recommended reposts with the aforementioned contents;
  3. A attribution formula for reposts, with a sort of tag indicating the source;
  4. Removing Instagram reposts from advice.

More space for original content: here are Instagram’s drastic moves

According to Mosseri, the new classification method should offer greater visibility, even to smaller creators.

Through the massive update of the algorithms, the social network will be able to evaluate two identical contents, recommending only the one it deems original. To evaluate them, the platform will analyze “audio or visual signals“, also taking into account any substantial changes (such as the remix of a piece of music).

The aggregators, according to Mosseri himself, will gradually be pushed aside. For this purpose, Instagram will select those who regularly publish non-original content (we are talking about 10 repost in the last 30 days).

This initiative is only the latest in a long series of improvements to make this platform competitive compared to the large competition. Just a few days ago, a new tool called AI creatorwhich however has raised quite a bit of controversy among creators and common users of the social network.

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