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Instagram, how to avoid advertising

Instagram it is a widely used social network, with a number of members that is constantly and unstoppably growing. It is appreciated by a very heterogeneous audience, which includes women, men, adults, young people and very young people and, for this reason, it has attracted the attention of many companies around the world.

Organizations and commercial activities have decided to take advantage of Instagram adv to propose to broaden your target audience, increase sales and propose services and products to potentially interested people.

Advertising on Instagram may be deemed useful by userswho will find purchasing advice and suggestions and solutions for their needs and requirements, or annoying. If the presence of adverts bothers you, solutions can be found to avoid advertising on the platform. Let’s find out how to do it.

  • 1. Instagram ads, where you can find them

    Ads can be found on Instagram in different formats and different areas of the platform. Companies can choose to sponsor posts, which are displayed in users’ feeds and alternated with content published by creators of whom they are followers, their friends and acquaintances.

    The adverts are found frequently inside the stories and reels and, also in this case, they alternate with the stories published by the users followed.

    All listings are easy to identify since Instagram, with full respect for the user, indicates which content is sponsored, with a voice that appears superimposed on the images shown or just below the posts.

    The adverts are proposed in a personalized way, based on user activity and tastes. They appear extremely relevant and effective as they respond to the real needs of platform members or their tastes and desires.

  • 2. Ads in Instagram stories, how to avoid them

    Instagram stories are full of ads and is perhaps the most used section by companies that want to reach a large audience. In addition to collaborations with influencers, sponsored stories are not infrequently created which appear to members even when they do not follow the profile that published them.

    One way to avoid sponsored stories is to view contents backwards. Click on the story and proceed by clicking on the left side of the screen. This way you will not see any type of advert.

    An alternative method is to open only the stories you want to view and, after finishing viewing, do not proceed automatically, but close the screen and select a new user.

  • 3. Change your feed settings to not see sponsored posts

    If Instagram shows too much sponsored content and you can’t easily find those that belong to your contacts, you can change settings quickly and easily feed view and remove all sponsored posts and those that come from unfollowed people.

    To do this you need to launch the Instagram application from your Android or iOS mobile device and click on the item For you present at the top left. Change the display modes by selecting the item Followed o Favorites.

    If you opt for Followed only the contents of the accounts of which you are a follower will be shown in chronological order based on their publication. If you choose Favorites the posts shown will only be those of the accounts that have been added to the favorites list.

    The viewing options are automatically set to For You. Every time the application is closed, this mode is reset. To be able to view only the contents of Followed or Favorite users, you need to carry out the procedure again.

  • 4. Hide suggested posts on Instagram

    Posts suggested by Instagram are proposed by the platform based on your activity on Instagram. Instagram’s algorithm is very efficient at selecting and showing content that meets users’ tastes, but some may be annoyed and find it unpleasant.

    They can be limited and hidden, by accessing Instagram Privacy Settings. There is one important limitation: posts are only obscured for 30 days, after which you must go through the steps necessary to hide suggested posts again.

    From your profile, click on the hamburger menu and select the item Settings and Privacy. Press on Suggested content and customize your settings. You can add posts deemed interesting, which remain in the I’m interested in category for 30 days, or sensitive ones.

    To limit suggested posts, click on the switch next to the voice Pause suggested posts in the feed until it turns blue. This type of content will disappear immediately for the following 30 days, unless the user changes his choice before it expires.

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