Between one indiscretion and another, Instagram became the protagonist of an official announcement, represented by the introduction of the advanced tag system also on the Reels.
Instagram: in addition to the rumors, the advanced tags arrive on the Reels

Last March, together with the partial return of the chronological order thanks to the visualization by following and favorites, the well-known photo-sharing Instagram also introduced the function of advanced tags, which today has undergone a step of advancement.

As explained by the team of CEO Adam Mosseri, the advanced tags function allows you to recognize the contribution of a creator to the creation of a video or photo post of others, with particular advantage for those creators who, belonging to under-represented communities, often see your contributions do not stand out adequately. Thanks to this function, however, in mentioning a person it will be possible to specify the “self-designated category” on a creator’s profile, thus highlighting that, in the creation of a certain tutorial on clothing, a given influencer A was helped in the make -up from creator B.

After introducing the function of advanced tags for posts in the Feed, in the past few hours, Menlo Park has also done the same in favor of content published in the form of Reels, or short creative videos in TikTok style: to take advantage of the novelty, the iteration to follow is quite simple.

Just tap the plus sign at the top right and proceed with Next to create your post. Once the necessary changes have been made, and pressed again on Next, use the item “Tag people” and then “Add tag”: the search for collaborators will then be performed which will culminate with the display of the creators category, obtained by touching the item “Show profile category”. Concluded this step with End, and once more final changes have been made, you will be able to share your content by clicking on the eloquent Share button.

At this point, the commitment of the Instagram developers will be able to converge on other features to be launched, unveiled in advance by the contribution of the leakers. In this regard, Alessandro Paluzzi shared the discovery of the Nudge function that should work like Facebook’s Poke, in this case attracting the attention of friends after sending them the emoji of the hand he greets. Menlo Park also continues to work on the Communities, which must have a username, and which can be public or private.


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