In an attempt to face TikTok, Instagram has launched an interesting test regarding the Reels and continued in the development of its message boards, as well as in the creation of new chat themes.
Instagram: models for the Reels are being tested, various rumors on message boards and chat themes

Despite being among the most famous apps in the photo-sharing branch, Instagram is increasingly feeling the competition from its opponents, as evidenced by the rumors on the development of new functions, which betray a certain activism of the Menlo Park programming team, and by the launch of a test regarding an improvement dedicated to the Reels.

Last January, the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi found traces, in the Instagram code, relating to the future function “Use a template”, yet another attempt by Menlo Park to compete with TikTok in terms of short videos, after having introduced the Remixes function last year. which, later, at the beginning of 2022, was improved with the possibility of remixing all the videos uploaded, and not just the Reels. According to reports from the Business Insider portal, the next stage of this remote comparison has just materialized, with the platform that has started to silently test, with a small number of creators, the function of “Templates” or “Templates”, a apparently called “Use Template”.

Thanks to this function, as told by the influencer Josephine Hill who had early access to the novelty at the end of March, when you see a video montage that you intend to rework, you no longer need to consult ad hoc guides, to understand how to synchronize the frames with music or sound, given that, for this purpose, models are made available, including one with 13 slots or places available for as many frames, and one with 7 places.

Asked about this by TechCrunch, the platform confirmed that it had initiated the test to create a new Reel, from an existing one, using a template, as part of its commitments to create “always new ways to simplify the creation of Reels”.

Still from the leaker Paluzzi, via reverse engineering, some indiscretions about news that have not yet made their debut yet. In particular, while working on the introduction of a new chat theme, dedicated to Doctor Strange, most likely dedicated to the film “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” to be released in May, Twitter is still developing the Message Boards function (ex Canvas), which it would reach a new level of development.

In particular, this function could ensure that you talk to people who are on the same board, and that – only to delete them – you can place gifts, drawings, emojis and stickers, as well as include photos taken from your roll, post, Stories, and Reels.


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