Instagram now lets you show Reels and posts to only your closest friends

The last few years have been emblematic for the renewal of Instagram, with many possibilities that have been included to improve the user experience. The famous social app on the Meta scene today manages to be the undisputed leader thanks to its multiple possibilities.

The opportunity to share Stories only and exclusively with closest friends It was one of the biggest advantages. Now Instagram has chosen to improve everything, launching a new possibility that will certainly please everyone.

According to the updates released between yesterday and today, the application will allow everyone to limit post e Reel to a smaller circle of people.

Instagram, Posts and Reels can also be limited to your closest friends list

Instagram post reel close friends update screenshot

It looks like the “Close Friends” feature has just expanded its boundaries within Instagram. In addition to being intended for Stories, it will now also concern posts and Reels. Users will then be able to share more intimate content with a smaller, more trusted audience, increasing the sense of privacy and connection between people.

Using this feature will be very simple, as all you need to do is follow a few steps. First you will have to choose the item “Public” when creating the post or Reel. The “Close friends” item will also appear among the choices, allowing the user to publish that specific content only within his shortlist.

That’s right, you can publish a post as usual but ensuring that only some people see it, excluding others. To create a list of close friends, you will need to press on yours profile picture at the bottom right, then press at the top right to choose the item “Closest friends”.

Every time you edit the list you can rest assured, no notification will be sent to anyone who will be added to the group or excluded.


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