Instagram: recommended posts, most popular 90-second Reels, various rumors

The Instagram development team does not give up, committed to evolving and devising new functions, in the meantime it has also dedicated itself to experimentation, starting important tests in order to collect user feedback.
Instagram: recommended posts, most popular 90-second Reels, various rumors

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In the past few hours, Instagram has dedicated itself body and soul to the development of future news, as brought to the surface by the usual and well-informed leakers: in the meantime, the well-known photo sharing has started an important test, and extended the scope of a previous experiment.

The first novelty of Instagram concerns the launch of a test that, in the Home, will propose – in addition to the posts of the users that you follow – also some recommended posts that, taken from outside the circle of those you follow, are however proposed not by chance, but according to a personalized user-by-user perspective, thanks to an algorithm that takes into account the visualization activities of Reels and Stories, and the “likes” affixed.

Meanwhile, after starting the tests in February, Instagram has extended to more users the possibility of creating Reels of 30 seconds longer than the usual 60 seconds, or equal to 90 seconds or a minute and a half: asked about the release to all of the novelty, the platform confirmed that the same is still in testing and “without yet an official plan for a wider expansion”.

From the leaker Paluzzi, other novelties are hung, unearthed via reverse engineering, and therefore not yet evident to the public, however likely to change in the final form at the time of the debut. It starts with the discovery of the intention to change, among the options dedicated to the Reels, the one now known as Remix After in Remix Extend. Another novelty that Instagram is working on, concerns the Stories, borrowed at the time from Snapchat.

According to what emerged, it seems that Mosseri’s team is thinking of allowing the response to the Stories through a little drawing, perhaps with the fingers or a stylus since, among the replication opportunities, next to the form for the text, the icon with a drawn stroke. Obviously, photo sharing does not forget its iteration for computers and, in this sense, it would also be developing the settings section dedicated to managing ads for its website.


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