Instagram tests the automatic conversion of videos posted in Reels

The experience of using Instagram could be revolutionized once again, if a test that has just started, for now in a limited form, were to extend and establish itself, which allows you to share videos in the form of Reels only.
Instagram tests the automatic conversion of videos posted in Reels

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Recently, Instagram announced that the Reels now occupy 20% of the time that users spend on the platform: it is not surprising, therefore, that it is precisely on this format, introduced in August 2020, that many of the energies of Menlo Park are converging , confirming what was said at the end of 2021 by the CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, according to which, for 2022, the priorities would have been to focus on creators, videos, shopping and messaging, with the commitment to grow the product of the short video format, consolidating “all video products around the Reels“.

In confirmation of this interest in the Reels, according to social media expert Matt Navarra, a test has started involving some of the users of the platform, later admitted by Instagram itself as “part of our efforts to simplify and improve the video experience. on Instagram “.

The test in question changes the status quo when it comes to posting a video: to date, the user is offered two choices. With the first, you can publish a video as a post, which will end up in the main Feed, along with the content of those you follow and the advertising of the ads. Opting for the second chance, the video will be posted as Reel, ending up in a separate feed similar in dynamics to rival TikTok.

With the test in progress, of which it is not known if and when it will ever be extended to a wider range of users, when uploading a video, you are warned that, in essence, the option of videos as post is missing since ” video posts are now shared as Reels “. As a consequence of this, if the profile is private, the shared Reel will be usable only by followers: otherwise, if the profile is public, by sharing the video as a Reel, anyone can discover it and remix it to create their own Reel.

On the other hand, the platform says, the option to prevent others from remixing their Reels will always be available from the settings of your account.

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