Instagram: the iPad app is not a priority for the CEO

There are two Meta applications whose absence weighs heavily on the iPad: WhatsApp and Instagram. If the first seems to be in the home stretch, for the second instead there is no good news. Born as a platform for iPhone (then also landed on Android and the web), its version for Apple tablets It’s not a priority for Meta. The CEO of Instagram declared it, Adam Mosseri.

Instagram on iPad: the wait is destined to last

By answering some questions from users posed via Stories, Adam Mosseri he officially declared that the team he led at the moment is not working on the Instagram client for iPad. He then declared that an app for Apple tablets would certainly be a positive thing, but to date there are more important features to focus on.

The CEO of Instagram therefore reiterated a concept expressed already last year during a chat with YouTuber Marques Brownlee. Even at the time, in fact, he stated that – as regards the social network for sharing photos, videos and stories – the developers were working on something else and that users who used the platform on iPad (via browser) they were still too few.

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The “numbers” also influence Meta’s decisions. As is to be expected, the iPhone user base is much, much larger than that of iPads. For example, according to data shared by IDC, in the second quarter of 2023 Apple shipped 42 million iPhones and “only” 10 million iPads.

For developers and company strategies, this difference has a significant weight. However, Meta is one of the largest tech companies in the world and has all the necessary resources (financial and personnel) to be able to create an Instagram app for iPad, even in a short time.


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