Instagram: the NFT Collections are coming, many measures to protect minors are in roll-out

After a long wait, Meta has communicated to the press the release of various measures to protect young people, many of which will affect its well-known photo-sharing Instagram.
Instagram: the NFT Collections are coming, many measures to protect minors are in roll-out

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The well-known photo-sharing Instagram, engaged in the development of several new functions, including the NFT Collections, in the meantime, has announced the implementation of various solutions for the protection of young people.

Last year, Instagram was criticized following the revelations of mole Frances Haugen, when it emerged that parent company Meta was aware of the bad effect its photo sharing had on young people, and girls in particular. Since then, there have been several congressional hearings on the subject, and Menlo Park has had to put aside, for now, the project of an Instagram for Kids.

Now, following what was promised in the past, a few days after some similar measures introduced by TikTok (the invitation to young people to take a break from scrolling, which is already foreseen on IG), during a meeting with the media, Meta announced , through the spokesperson Clotilde Briend, a series of measures to protect young Instagram goers, motivating the choices made with the need to “develop tools that respect the privacy and autonomy of young people while involving parents in the experience”.

This purpose has resulted in the implementation of various measures, including encouraging young people to look at other topics as well, if it is found that they spend too much time looking at some in particular, while parents can set time limits on the scrolling practiced by their own. little children. On the same occasion, the Menlo Park giant also took stock of some youth protection measures introduced on Oculus viewers for virtual reality.

In this case, parents will be able to see how much time children spend wearing the viewers, what content they watch with them, and block applications.

Moving on to the indiscretions, from the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi come several rumors about news not yet fully operational. Apparently, Instagram is working on changing the settings related to the public for when sharing posts on Facebook and, consequently, from 1 November 2022 it will be necessary to accept the updates made to continue to automatically upload posts from Instagram to the social network. In the settings related to branded content, in a future update, it seems likely that the Creator Marketplace section will make its debut: still in terms of leaked information, the function to make audio and video calls even from the web version of Instagram is always in development. While working on the “not interested” section, the programming work proceeds to place, within the Explorer, a shortcut to the settings section for the Control of Sensitive Content. No less important is the fact that, in the future, the NFTs of the platform, the Digital Collectibles, could be grouped into “Collections”.


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