Instagram: the Repost is in development, a novelty is being tested for the Reels

Without too much fuss, Instagram has launched a test related to the Reels, for now limited to India but, at the same time, it has also dedicated itself to developing functions that are still unpublished, such as that of the repost.
Instagram: the Repost is in development, a novelty is being tested for the Reels

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Instagram, as per rumors at work on various functions still unpublished to date, from time to time brings some to the debut in the test phase to collect user feedback, and decide whether to implement it or not: exactly this would seem to have occurred in India , where the famous photo sharing would have started experimenting with a novelty in TikTok style.

After targeting Snapchat, imitating its Stories, the new term of comparison – for Instagram – has become TikTok, whose short vertical videos have been imitated, to the sound of Reels. Always continuing in the category of functional loans from the Asian rival, in the past few hours Instagram has begun to (re) test, together with Indian users, a novelty that seems to want to recall the division of the main screen in Following and For You.

In particular, the screenshots that have appeared on the net highlight a tendency to “maintain that aspect of closer social connection” through a subdivision of the clips of this format into two tabs with, next to the one known as “Reels”, where the Reels would be included most popular according to the user’s browsing habits, “Following”, which would include the Reels of those who follow.

Moving from the news that emerged publicly as they were tested in the sunlight to rumors, the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, analyzing the code of some versions of Instagram in his possession, identified some news that the team of CEO Adam Mosseri has been secretly working on for some time . Among them is a function that users have been asking the platform for a long time, represented by a repost system which, far from the (regram) of 2017, intended as a system for sharing posts between Stories, would serve – a bit like Twitter retweets – to reshare a post.

Among the innovations that Instagram would continue to work on, however, there are both a new menu for the Reels, and the section of privacy settings relating to the application of effects on the face and hands.


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