Instagram: the test for sharing NFTs via Digital Collectibles is underway

With a triptych of confirmations from Meta’s technical spokesperson, CEO Zuckerberg, and the head of photo sharing Mosseri, the test for the integration of non-fungible tokens (Digital Collectibles) on Instagram has officially started.
Instagram: the test for sharing NFTs via Digital Collectibles is underway

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It was mid-March when, during a conversation at SXSW, the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the imminence of the landing of NFT, non-fungible tokens, on Instagram. In the past few hours, the wait in this regard ended, with the head of the photo-sharing, Adam Mosseri, who confirmed the start of a test that will lead (approximately 323 days after the relative discovery by the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi) NFTs to Instagrammers.

According to reports from the CoinDesk portal, but also drawing on the official statements of Mosseri, Menlo Park has started to test, with some users in the USA, the function known as Digital Collectibles, which allows users to share NFTs, created or purchased (initially on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, and soon also on those of Flow and Solana) without any commission linked to the publication or sharing of the same (which can be followed in the Stories, in the Feed itself, or in private DM messages).

By linking the third-party digital wallets (wallets) of Trust Wallet, Rainbow, and MetaMask, Instagram users will be able to prove ownership of NFTs, tag those who created them, show these digital objects on their profiles. The embryonic nature of the test was motivated by Mosseri with the need to collect feedback from the first adopters of the novelty, given that Instagram is a substantially centralized platform that will have to learn from this experiment relating to the distribution of power and trust.

In a chat with the famous Youtuber Tom Bilyeu, Mark Zuckerberg, in the same hours as the launch of the Digital Collectibles on Instagram, anticipated that something similar will also arrive on Facebook and, returning to photo sharing, added that in the future Stories will also arrive. NFT in augmented reality that, through the Spark AR proprietary platform, can be placed in digital art quality in the physical spaces of reality.

Finally, Alexandru Voica, Meta’s spokesperson for technical communications, explained that, in the Metaverse, users will be able to buy, exchange and use digital objects, including NFTs, from which the Menlo Park company started due to their strong economic potential, although these digital products are only one form of Web3 they are exploring as they “will reduce costs, expand access and accelerate innovation for creators and people around the world.”


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