Again committed, according to rumors, on NFTs (but not only), Instagram has meanwhile admitted that it has started a limited test on the Notes function to ensure “that people can quickly share thoughts with their friends”.
Instagram: various rumors, function test

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Lately, Instagram, as always at the center of rumors, is introducing so many new features, just think of the function that allows you to pin up to three posts at the top of the grid on your profile, to test a full-screen feed on the style of TikTok, to controls for sensitive content and age. However, the commitment of the team of programmers at the service of CEO Adam Mosseri would also have taken another direction.

This is accounted for by the user Ahmed Ghanem who, in the past few hours, announced that he had discovered an ongoing test (later confirmed as in progress with a limited panel of users) by Instagram that would allow you to share fleeting notes with users who follow each other, or with close friends, The function in question, baptized with the name of “Notes”, according to what can be inferred from the shared screenshots, would find a place in private messages DM (direct messages), as an ad hoc button above the chat list.

By touching this button, it would be possible to fill in a note up to 60 characters in length which, sent, will not generate a notification, however, the recipient will be able to watch it in-app for 24 hours before it disappears and respond to it by resorting to a message. At the moment, it seems that the novelty is functional to highlight a message received from friends, which in the inbox could go unnoticed, thereby obtaining greater visibility than the publication in the Stories.

Moving on to the many rumors provided by the leaker Alessandro Paluzzi, it emerged that Instagram, while still working on NFTs, has decided to ensure that the user can also earn a percentage from the resale of a digital object from his collection. There is also the idea of ​​developing an adaptation of the already available “question” sticker which can be answered by publishing a photo, and to allow the creation of a Community, even on Android, from a specific item in the Create menu of the profile.

On the creative side, the development of the function to allow the use of stickers and AR text in the camera dedicated to Stories is still hot: even the function to allow subscribers to participate in group chats has not been set aside. Finally, Instagram is working on the possibility of hiding, in the Explore section, the content that does not interest you.


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