Instagram will allow you to safely ignore messages

The entire suite of applications belonging to the Meta group is continuously updated. 2023 was probably the most prolific year in this respect, with many improvements that affected WhatsApp but above all Instagram.

Users still expect a lot and it seems they will soon be satisfied. One of the aspects that will be taken care of even better concerns the messages in DM. When users send a “Direct” to their interlocutor, a message is automatically generated reading confirmation which informs you that the message has been viewed. All this happens without distinction with both the iOS and Android applications.

This solution can certainly be very useful for the sender, but very annoying for those who want to read their messages privately without anyone else noticing. Who is usual ignore conversations in complete tranquility up to now have certainly not had fertile ground.

Instagram will allow you to ignore messages in Direct

Those who want to go unnoticed while reading a message on Instagram will be happy with the new feature coming soon. In fact, the famous social application will soon allow its users to deactivate the reading confirmation in DM.

Apparently there are several reasons why the app intends to apply this change. The leaders deemed it appropriate to leave peace to those who want to read a message without having to feel forced to respond immediately.

Another aspect, of fundamental importance, is the privacywhich with this new introduction will be further safeguarded.

The official announcement arrived yesterday, with Mark Zuckerberg which announced the phase through official channels test to deactivate the reading confirmation of Direct messages on Instagram.

We will therefore just have to wait to see Instagram join WhatsApp, which has been offering this possibility for several years now.


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